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Follow your curiosity to reveal the hidden treasures of your heart.

personal growth retreats at Modern Ancient sanctuary in Iquitos Peru

The desire for personal growth can be defined as an inquisitiveness or attraction towards exploring oneself, which may encompass various domains related to personal development such as healing arts modalities, meditation, astrology, hypnotherapy, coaching, quantum physics, energy healing, elevated states of awareness, yoga, self-help and development materials, as well as sacred medicine.

One may experience a powerful "calling" or deep-seated desire to participate in a ceremony. Sacred medicine may appear in one's life at the most opportune moment, when the individual is prepared to receive the immense healing and transformative benefits that it offers.

Leading with an active personal growth curiosity can create a better life, including a deeper understanding of spirituality.


Throughout much of our lives, many of us may have been confined by linear thinking and conditioned thought patterns; making decisions based on logical and rational analysis, rather than authentically following our hearts. Whether this was due to cultural expectations, societal norms, or past experiences, it's possible that we have grown weary of this way of living and are now ready to create a new reality from the inside out. Some of us may feel a strong urge to explore our soul and discover what we can do to foster greater health and happiness, or simply to deepen our connection with ourselves. This inner calling beckons us to embrace a path of personal growth and transformation.

From a spiritual perspective, the call to personal growth and transformation comes from the Higher-Self, calling us to step onto the path of our highest destiny. This call is often triggered by life experiences and occurs when we are ready to receive and respond to it. The path of higher destiny is marked by various stages of growth, reflected in positive changes in our thoughts, behaviors, and lifestyle habits, as well as in our past conditioning. For instance, an individual who typically responds to conflict with aggression, defensiveness, or by taking things personally may develop a sense of detachment, while still maintaining compassion, and may become more calm in their overall demeanor. On the other hand, someone who is typically quiet and does not express their true feelings may start to stand up for themselves more by vocalizing how they feel.

As one transforms, addictions to smoking, alcohol, and food may become more balanced, and individuals become acutely aware of their habits and take corrective action to ultimately gain control over their behavior. This process leads to a significant increase in self-awareness, which includes taking responsibility for one's actions, genuinely apologizing, consciously treating others with kindness, and much more.


Furthermore, as individuals embark on their journey toward their higher destiny, they may experience more noticeable ascension symptoms, signs, and coincidences, as well as a greater frequency of these occurrences. A conscious and genuine relationship is formed and maintained with the ego, and individuals may feel called to sacred medicine journeys, which have been experienced as a highly effective way to open one's heart and mind to a different reality, creativity and change.

Ayahuasca retreats at Modern Ancient sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Ayahuasca retreats at Modern Ancient sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Ayahuasca Ceremony at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


Directed by your Higher-Self.

At Modern Ancient, individuals are provided with a safe, legal, compassionate, and educational space to address their past conditioning and heal by awakening to their Higher-Self. By surrendering to and working with the Higher-Self, individuals can align with love, peace, and truth; effectively raising their life state for the better.


The Higher Self assists in recognizing and taking responsibility for rewiring thoughts, belief systems, and feelings that stem from fear, pain, lack, and limitation that no longer serve one's wellbeing. Safely and responsibly working with sacred medicine can facilitate a magnitude, depth, and speed of healing that is truly a gift; clearing the space needed for more of one's Higher-self to come through to direct a balanced life state.


The goal of our Modern Ancient Method ™, supporting a true holistic health retreat framework, is to facilitate awareness of the inherent power within to heal and co-create with the Higher-Self and universe. The dedicated team at Modern Ancient Sanctuary is simply here to serve as a reminder of your transformative potential.

Yoga practice at Modern Ancient sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
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