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Balance isn't found at the top. It's created on the way.

- Ansuya Devi     

Modern Ancient Sanctuary & Machu Picchu

We know the highs and lows experienced post ceremony.


We understand the challenges inherent in reabsorbing yourself into the same environment which perhaps brought you to Peru in the first place.


We've experienced the frustration in trying to adjust to a new mindset, higher heartset, work through the changes that arise and balance the past (therapy) with moving forward (coaching).


That's the reason why our integration process does not start after you leave Peru, it begins on day one with our Modern Ancient Method ™.

Learn more with our summary integration guide for Ayahuasca 

and other sacred medicine ceremonies. 

Integration is a crucial step in the process of healing and personal growth.


It is the practice of taking the insights and experiences gained during the ceremony and integrating them into your daily life.


Ayahuasca, Iboga and Bufo are all particularly powerful sacred medicines that have gained popularity in recent years, and integration after these ceremonies are particularly important.

We believe that a strong preparation approach effectively supports sacred medicine integration.


Being fully prepared, while striking a balance with remaining open to your experience, can support you on retreat and after retreat.

Familiarize yourself with 8 key integration activities.

Yoga for integration after ayahuasca ceremony

Practice these grounding yoga postures to anchor your energy and body 

after an ayahuasca or other sacred medicine ceremony. 

The journey with sacred medicine is non-linear, and so it's important to keep an open mind.


Each person has a different experience, and one person rarely has the same experience twice.


Starting an introspective journey beforehand can support you to understand yourself, the process, the nature of reality and the idea of a co-created consciousness.


On retreat, we provide plenty of practical takeaways which you can continue as part of your journey in addition to our integration guide. 


We also provide an opportunity to explore our Iboga mircodoisng program option at the end of your retreat program.

integration after an ayahuasca ceremony


Overall, integrating sacred medicine is an ongoing process that requires effort and attention. Engaging in integration activities can support the insights and experiences gained during the ceremony so they are absorbed into your daily life, leading to long-lasting benefits and personal growth.

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