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Listen to your heart.

Asking if Ayahuasca is right for you?

We believe that sacred medicine can provide significant benefits for most people, while also being safe to consume. It is important to conduct independent research to develop a better understanding and make an informed choice. Healthy individuals who are prepared and not contraindicated are more likely to have successful medicine journeys.


Our retreats are delivered in a safe, legal and comfortable environment with experienced facilitators. In addition, the medicine brew is prepared using the traditional plants and ingredients to support a positive experience.  

Read more about the preparation of our medicines here.


Most importantly, we suggest that you listen to your intuition and ask yourself if you feel called to the experience.


We have found that those who feel a deep attraction to sacred medicine can receive profound healing benefits from just one ceremony, including insights that promote self-reflection and love.


If you are not naturally drawn to the experience but are considering it due to the encouragement of friends or family, it is important to approach the medicine with respect, conscious preparation and an open mind.

According to ICEERS research in August 2023, approximately 4 million people have taken Ayahuasca worldwide with 75% of ayahuasca drinking taking place in the Americas.

ICEERS reports that the media has misattributed 58 deaths to ayahuasca because no forensic examination or toxicological analysis has determined that ayahuasca caused a single death by consuming the traditional ayahuasca brew. While this is good news, it is important to understand risks and check contraindications for all sacred medicines.

Asking if Ayahuasca is right for you?

The benefits and potential for creating a better life state outweigh the temporary amount of discomfort experienced. Any nervousness soon disappears after the first ceremony and generally, people go on to do more.



We conduct a risk assessment to evaluate your medical and overall suitability for participating in our sacred medicine retreat programs.


However, it is your responsibility to have a clear understanding of any contraindications and to provide accurate responses and information about your health and medical history. This helps us determine whether the sacred medicine is safe for you to consume. Confirming the safety of the entire group is our top priority.

It is also important to honor and respect the spiritual roots and traditions of the medicine. If there are no medical or other barriers to your safe participation, consuming sacred medicine requires completing a pre-diet for at least five days to a week before participating in a ceremony.


This preparation diet excludes certain foods, flavors, alcohol, drugs, and chemicals, as well as sexual intimacy and external stimulation that produce adverse emotional reactions. Such preparation of the mind and body is crucial to maintaining a higher state of being and supporting positive results. We provide detailed preparation guides after booking to support you.

Shamans and ancient cultures used sacred plants/medicines in traditional settings, and viewed them as separate entities, such as referring to Ayahuasca as a "plant teacher". Therefore, from a spiritual perspective, consuming sacred medicine invites the presence of highly spiritual beings that assist in reaching greater levels of consciousness and clarity.


As our bio-energetic sphere adjusts to their presence and releases the necessary trauma and issues, many participants may physically purge. While this is an integral part of the experience, non-adherence to the pre-diet can make this process more challenging than it needs to be.


The longer and stricter the pre-diet is maintained, the greater the benefits can be from the medicine. 

Please see our risks and contraindications page regarding the safety and benefits of using sacred medicine. 

Meditation to decide if Ayahuasca is right for you
Ayahuasca ceremonies at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


While each person's experience with sacred medicine is unique, many have reported experiencing deep healing, visions, and positive life changes, including improvements in health, love, happiness, self-expression, and mystical states. A state of pure bliss and a connection to higher consciousness and love are among the most commonly reported experiences. 

For some, a single retreat experience may be sufficient to balance, heal, and deepen their connection to a higher life state, while others may require additional ceremonies to release deeply rooted issues, resistance to change, and conditioned mental or behavioral patterns.



Sacred medicine is a challenging and beautiful journey, and the integration of the experience is what truly defines our personal growth journey.

Sacred medicine is a highly effective healing process, quickly revealing truths about our reality, the universe, and the choices we have in life. It is up to each of us to decide how to proceed with the information and experience gained, whether to resist or embrace the truth.


Although some may initially be nervous, these feelings generally dissipate after the first ceremony, and many people go on to participate in additional ceremonies.

Meditation to decide if Ayahuasca is right for you
Meditation to decide if Ayahuasca is right for you

Opting to join a sacred medicine retreat is a remarkable stride towards

understanding our true self and soul purpose.

The potential for a more fulfilling life is much greater than any brief discomfort.

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