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Unleash Your Soul's Potential:
Fly High with our Life-Changing Personal Growth Retreat Programs

Logo of Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


At Modern Ancient Sanctuary for healing and creation, we facilitate transformative experiences that foster exponential growth, deep healing, and creative opportunities.

We offer very small group retreat programs that utilize entheogens within a safe, legal, and controlled environment. Our expert team provides personal coaching to all students in line with our Modern Ancient Method ™, which guides you to achieve a higher state of wellbeing and consciousness. You can rest assured that you will be fully guided (mindset) and supported (setting) throughout your journey.


Whether you're a seasoned soul seeker or just beginning your spiritual journey, our retreats offer a profound and progressive route to greater health and happiness.

Retreats at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


By booking a retreat with us, you are taking a powerful step towards determining the kind of life you want to live as a co-creator of your destiny.


Our direct, informative, and practical art-of-living style classes teach concepts that have been passed down for centuries and adapted to modern times. We incorporate meditations and practices that were once commonplace in ancient civilizations, drawing on wise traditions and rediscovered modern healing methods to create a profound space for connection to self and others. 

Our experienced Shipibo and indigenous shamans will guide you to access profound levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual insights, while our coaching team will raise awareness and support your journey towards sustainable change through educational support and practical workshops.


Explore your path with an open heart.

We offer three retreat types designed and delivered in line with our Modern Ancient Method ™.

  • DIVINE SPARK (Ayahuasca retreat) (8 days/ 7 nights)

  • METAMORPHOSIS (Iboga retreat) (6 days/ 5 nights)

  • BLESSINGS (Bufo retreat) (6 days/ 5 nights)



While there are differences in the schedule and focus of each retreat type, all retreats provide a combination of ancient medicine and modern tools to heal and support you to live your best life.

Example schedules are provided on individual retreat pages. Our FAQs can help you to decide on the right program. Each retreat experience guides you to open your heart and mind, heal trauma, release limiting beliefs and make the shift from a Newtonian (limited) to Quantum (unlimited) physics model of reality.  

The results?  You can read about them here.

Founders at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru
Events at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru
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Retreat Grounds at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru
Private Rooms at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru
Vegan Food at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru

Retreat Inclusions


All retreats include the following: 

  • Safe, legal and educational context

  • Small group size (maximum 10 students) 

  • Assigned 1:1 mentor for each student

  • Sacred healing and visionary plant medicine ceremonies

  • Structured mindset coaching 

  • Yoga practice (posture, meditation, breathwork)

  • Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition

  • Bio-energy healing experience and education

  • Workshops and classes, including spiritual development

  • Excursion day (e.g. Amazon river boat ride)

  • Airport pick up & Iquitos city drop off

  • Option to stay the night after your program ends at a modern hotel with wifi access in Iquitos city center

  • Holistic health retreat goodie bag

  • Fresh and organic vegan meals and beverages

  • Private accommodation in your own room

  • Modern showers and bathroom facilities

  • Library room

  • 24 hour security & cameras

  • First Aid/ CPR/ AED trained and certified staff


Retreat Exclusions

The items below are excluded:


  • Airfare and any expenses prior to retreat

  • Expenses outside of retreat (e.g purchases on excursion day) or any other personal expenses such as Ayahuasca design cloths or spiritual necklaces/ items sold on retreat

  • Iboga micro-dosing integration package

We provide a high quality holistic health experience, diligent care and attention to all those who visit us.

Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Transformation:

Retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary!


Read our FAQs and want to know more? Schedule a 1:1 complimentary information session to discuss your particular situation so we can support you to decide which retreat program/ sacred medicine is right for you. Get to know us, what we offer and ask any questions you may have about our retreat programs or your journey.


You can also fill out the Contact Form and a team member will be right with you.

Get to know your true self and start letting go of maya: the energy of illusion

with a sacred medicine retreat program.


Energy management is your biggest asset.

Experience profound healing, challenge your status quo and unleash your creative potential. 

Move into a heartfelt state of change from the inside out.


Your arrival at the gates of your true divine nature has long been anticipated.

Join us at Modern Ancient Sanctuary as we work with you on your journey home!


As of January 2024 we are formally open to the public for group retreats. We continue to offer private retreats on a case by case basis.

Promotional pricing on all retreats throughout 2024. 

Ayahuasca Ceremony at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru

Divine Spark

Ayahuasca Retreat

Reclaim your heart

Explore dimensions of yourself and the universe as you discover a healthier way of being. Find your divinity and re-connect with your truth.  Reveal subconscious, repressed and forgotten feelings, memories and more. Ayahuasca supports you to heal the mind, body and soul to revitalize your life; illuminating unhealthy patterns and boldly opening your heart to the wisdom of unconditional love.

8 ceremonies  
This retreat program is 8 days / 7 nights.

2024 Dates

Sun Jan 14 - Sun Jan 21 - FULLY BOOKED

Tue Feb 13 - Tue Feb 20 - FULLY BOOKED

Thu Mar 14 - Thu Mar 21 - FULLY BOOKED

Fri Apr 5 - Fri Apr 12

Sun May 5 - Sun May 12

Tue June 4 - Tue June 11

Thu Jul 4 - Thu July 11

Sat Aug 3 - Sat Aug 10

Mon Sep 2 - Mon Sep 9

Wed Oct 2 - Wed Oct 9

Fri Nov 1 - Fri Nov 8

Sun Dec 1 - Sun Dec 8



- Private Room/ Shared Bathroom: $2,500*

- Private Room/ Ensuite: $3,200*

*Promotional pricing on all retreats throughout 2024. 


Iboga Retreat

Awaken from within

Reprogram, rewire and reset on this powerful butterfly bootcamp! Gift yourself the keys to personal freedom by breaking away from old habits at our traditional Iboga style retreat. Clear deep ancestral blocks and transform your life trajectory. Iboga effectively supports you to let go of repetitive and destructive mental and behavioral patterns, addictions and limitations that prevent you from living your highest potential.

2 ceremonies  
(KAMBO x 1, IBOGA x 1)
This retreat program is 6 days / 5 nights.

2024 Dates

Fri Jan 26 - Wed Jan 31 - FULLY BOOKED

Sun Feb 25 - Fri Mar 1 - FULLY BOOKED

Tue Mar 26 - Sun Mar 31 - FULLY BOOKED

Wed Apr 17 - Mon Apr 22 - FULLY BOOKED

Fri May 17 - Wed May 22

Sun Jun 16 - Fri Jun 21

Tue Jul 16 - Sun Jul 21

Thu Aug 15 - Tues Aug 20

Sat Sept 14 - Thu Sept 19

Mon Oct 14 - Sat Oct 19

Wed Nov 13 - Mon Nov 18

Fri Dec 13 - Wed Dec 18


- Private Room/ Shared Bathroom: $2,900*

- Private Room/ Ensuite: $3,400*

*Promotional pricing on all retreats throughout 2024. 


Bufo Retreat

Consciousness speaks

Illuminate your consciousness through a series of personal ceremonies and embrace a higher life state. Choose rebirth into a new paradigm; one with humanity, nature and your true self. Serve your heart and explore your soul’s place in the universe. This magical healer moves directly into matters of your life; supporting you to experience the freedom that results when repressed feelings and deep truths are revealed.

6 ceremonies  
(KAMBO x 3, BUFO x 3)
This retreat program is 6 days / 5 nights.

2024 Dates

Sun Feb 4 - Fri Feb 9 - FULLY BOOKED

Fri Apr 26 - Wed May 1 - FULLY BOOKED

Sun May 26 - Fri May 31

Tue Jun 25 - Sun Jun 30

Thu Jul 25 - Tue Jul 30

Sat Aug 24 - Thu Aug 29

Mon Sep 23 - Sat Sep 28

Wed Oct 23 - Mon Oct 28

Fri Nov 22 - Wed Nov 27

Thu Dec 28 - Tue Jan 2, 2025


- Private Room/ Shared Bathroom: $2,200*

- Private Room/ Ensuite: $2,700*

*Promotional pricing on all retreats throughout 2024. 

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