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The power of sisterhood goes the distance.

As we danced amongst the flickering candlelight, surrounded by the open hearts of our students, we knew we had once again witnessed something truly special. Seven courageous souls had just completed a transformative eight-day personal growth retreat program with Ayahuasca, and we were honored to celebrate their awakening as we deepened our own. After the ceremony, as we sat together sharing and hugging, one student asked how two sisters from London had ended up in the middle of the Amazon jungle, dressed in flowing white robes and dancing with such enthusiasm to new age vibes. We laughed at the simple observation and shared our story, touching on some of the key experiences that led us to create Modern Ancient Sanctuary.

We grew up in London, between Haggerston and Hoxton, in a time when Hackney was not considered a trendy London borough! As part of a large Hindu family of Indian origin, our parents taught us to use energy healing techniques and Ayurveda medicine from a young age to treat everything and anything. Our father instilled in us the importance of spiritual practices such as meditation, chakra cleansing exercises and connection to our Higher-Self, which we found tedious as children but later came to appreciate as a source of strength during difficult times. His sudden passing during our teenage years, along with the loss of one brother to suicide and living with another brother diagnosed with schizophrenia, highlighted the importance of balancing mental, emotional and physical health, and continues to inspires our path of deep healing and personal growth.

Our journey led us to explore, and expand with, the power of sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Kambo and Bufo. We have since witnessed profound healing and great life changes in our own family and our students. As dedicated transformational life coaches, we do our best in our daily lives to embody the change we wish to see in others. The Modern Ancient Method ™ is the result of our own journey,  and our students, sustainably overcoming health conditions and trauma with sacred medicine, Ayurveda and holistic transformational coaching techniques, as well as transitioning from careers in real estate and law to service to humanity. Our sanctuary is a space for love and healing in a family environment, where ancient wisdom meets modern science. It is an honor for us to share our knowledge and experience with those seeking to create a better life by awakening the light within.


We know well the transformative power of heart based support and community, as we have been held well by family and friends during many challenging experiences and years of visioning, self-financing and construction. We pay the love and unity forward to each and every student who visits our Peruvian home.

Our library is dedicated to our father, who always reminded us that knowledge of the self is power. At our sanctuary, we strive to empower our brothers and sisters of the world to embrace their highest potential and to live a life full of purpose, joy and creativity.

Team information and formal bios can be found here.

Ancient tree at Modern Ancient Sanctuary
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