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Founder & Retreat Director

Ama-ra's journey has been far from ordinary.  After running away from home at the young age of 14, without any formal qualifications, she embarked on a remarkable path of self-education, navigating the school, college, and university of life with determination and resilience.


Throughout her life, Ama-ra has embraced various entrepreneurial ventures, charting her own course in the world of business. From selling homemade sandwiches at London's bustling Liverpool Street station to delving into alternative health therapies, selling clothes and music CDs on vibrant market stalls, pursuing her passion for photography and DJ'ing, and even working in bars and clubs, she fearlessly explored diverse avenues.


Ama-ra's focus, independence and early savings allowed her to purchase her first property in her twenties, wisely capitalizing on the booming property market at the time. As the value of her investments increased, she seized opportunities to expand her real estate portfolio through astute financial planning. Her last business in the UK was managing her property portfolio where she oversaw long and short-term rentals in central London.


Eventually, Ama-ra sold her properties in London to support her profound calling in shamanic development, which drew her to the serenity of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Through sacred medicine experiences, she discovered profound wisdom and healing, becoming a devoted student on her own transformative journey.

Ama-ra Sen at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Fueled by her own growth, she remains compelled to support others in finding their higher destiny paths. Her calling included the responsibility and remarkable challenge of physically directing the construction of the Modern Ancient home in Peru. Undertaking this demanding project as a single woman who initially did not speak any Spanish was an immense test of her resilience and adaptability, and is testament to her courage and determination to create a space on sacred land for connection, healing and transformation.

Ama-ra Sen at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

For the past nine years, Ama-ra has permanently settled in Peru, fully immersing herself in the vibrant culture and community. She sought training and initiation from the Peruvian Shipibo tribe, gaining profound insights into their ancient wisdom.


Ama-ra has shared her knowledge and facilitated countless ceremonies both in Peru and abroad, using a range of powerful medicines such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro, and Kambo.


In addition, Ama-ra developed and successfully trialed Iboga micro-dosing programs for private clients of Ansuya Devi and Modern Ancient Sanctuary over the past seven years.


On retreat Ama-ra metaphysically assesses each student, expertly determining the most suitable medicines and doses for their overall well-being. This personalized approach lies at the heart of the Modern Ancient ceremonial experience, ensuring that no student's needs are overlooked in favor of a one-size-fits-all approach.

She provides invaluable guidance on embracing unconditional love, cultivating compassion, taking full responsibility, and practicing forgiveness, particularly for those navigating challenging emotional states that follow the ceremonies.

Ama-ra's traditional and disciplined eastern upbringing from an early age provided her with strong spiritual foundations and subsequently the ability to discern religious from spiritual practice in a way that authentically and peacefully serves reaching higher consciousness.

With warmth and compassion, Ama-ra dedicates herself to guiding others on their personal journeys of healing, self-discovery, and transformation. Her unwavering commitment to individualized care, profound knowledge of sacred plant medicine, and ability to create a nurturing environment make Modern Ancient a sanctuary for those seeking to fully honor and create a life to serve their true divine nature.

Ama-ra continues to study various sacred medicines, taking advantage of the plants available in the Amazon.  Her personal self-development practice includes pursuing out of body experiences, working with hypnotherapy, binaural beats, oxygen, crystal therapy and much more. 

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