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Modern Ancient Sanctuary - A modern space to explore ancient wisdom.

Private rooms at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru

Embarking on a journey into the Amazon rainforest for sacred ceremonies is a positive step towards personal development. We are dedicated to providing modern, comfortable and safe facilities to uplift and support our students throughout their stay.

Along with our focus on ceremonial safety and security measures, our modern facilities and compassionate team creates a unique space in the heart of nature where our students can fully immerse themselves in a transformative experience.

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Our Modern Ancient sanctuary for healing and creation has a mix of modern and traditional buildings. Our retreat is situated in the Amazon rainforest, in Iquitos, Peru.

It is set back from a road that is cut through the Amazon jungle and is peaceful, very safe, comfortable and clean. Beautiful and exotic flowers, plants, fruit trees and palm trees grace our lovely center. We enjoy growing some fruit, vegetables and spiritual plants.

The Maloka is traditionally the building where sacred medicine ceremonies take place. It is architecturally stunning with its meaningful layered spider design roof on the inside and traditional leaves on the outside. The structure is made of wood and complemented by beautiful white tiled flooring to aesthetically bring the modern into the traditional. The 'Shipibo Cross Yin Yan' banisters help to balance the polarities during ceremonies. 

Private guest rooms are for single occupancy during the retreat experience. Retreat groups are small (max of 10 students) so we are able to give participants our full care and attention. 

Showers and bathrooms are modern, tiled and we also include disabled facilities. The insect bites that are common when staying in the jungle are largely eradicated due to the center placement and design.

We serve delicious, fresh, organic, nourishing and wholesome  vegan meals and beverages. 

We have a clean water supply which is produced from a natural source using an independently installed water system and therefore does not contain chemicals. We serve some of the most fresh super-fruit juices and smoothies available in Peru which include local ingredients such as green coconut water, camu camu and aguaje.

Our sanctuary includes a grand ceremonial space (maloka), dedicated dining room, cosy library and lecture room with relevant reading literature as well as a laundry room for housekeeping services. Our designated yoga platform overlooks the jungle.

We also have electricity, internet connection (accessible only at the beginning and end of retreats) and all necessary facilities so you can comfortably relax. We have three covered outdoor concrete floor chill spaces, including a larger ceremonial fireplace.

Our land has a stream running through it with a covered bridge and pathway that leads deeper into the Amazon rainforest where we take students on short guided walks when the retreat schedule permits.


Butterflies and some of the usual interesting insects can be seen on our land. We are confident that students will feel very comfortable and relaxed when visiting us and participating in our retreat programs.

Our sanctuary is equipped with cameras, locks, gates and security staff. Although not necessary, it is in place nonetheless.​ We focus on making the journey to Peru as secure as possible, particularly for solo female travelers, therefore we are diligent in providing the necessary security measures and transportation for all students. All packages are inclusive of a pick-up service from the airport and drop off to the city center in Iquitos.

Retreat grounds at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Infastructure at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru


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Comfortable, clean, cosy, safe & relaxing

Private Rooms at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
The maloka at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Infastructure at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Vegan Kitchen at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru


Private guest rooms & modern bathrooms


Over the bridge & across the stream


Delicious vegan food & drinks

Infastructure at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru


Transportation, cameras, security guards


Meet the Shipibo cross: Yin & Yan


Ceremonial safety is a key priority. We seek to cultivate a positive and nurturing environment that enables our students to have a transformative experience while supporting their well-being.

To date, we have not experienced adverse events during ceremonies or any other treatments.

Our staff members are trained and qualified in CPR. Ceremonial staff members and sitters receive on-site demo training, including detailed protocols and use of on-site first aid kits for emergency scenarios.


We monitor students at all times during and after ceremonies.While students are provided with private time as dictated by the itinerary, and our team is always nearby to support students in their experience.

Our location is also a key factor in our safety measures. We understand that extreme outcomes can occur, which is why we are located very near a modern hospital, and our center is easily accessible for ambulances in case of an emergency. We are prepared to address key risk scenarios that may arise.

Our screening process evaluates medical history to confirm suitability and make an informed assessment that is in the best interest of the student and overall group.  See the detailed list of contraindications. 

Founders at Modern Ancient Sanctuary
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