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Leading with cosmic consciousness.

Spiritual retreats at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru

It's crucial to recognize that indigenous peoples primarily use sacred medicine for spiritual and cultural purposes. Those who embark on a journey of healing, personal growth, and spirituality can deeply benefit from the transformational journey. 

Shamans and ancient cultures used sacred medicine in traditional settings, considering them benevolent entities and master teachers. We too must approach sacred medicine with reverence and honor for the wisdom and healing offered.


Experiences with sacred medicine can provide a pure and unmistakable connection to divine love, which can serve as a catalyst for healing on many levels, often through physical purging of trauma and dis-ease.


However, using sacred medicine as a temporary high or a substitute for recreational drugs may lead to confusion, depression, or psychological issues. Uneducated or unprepared individuals may struggle to cope with the profound self-reflection that sacred medicine experiences can evoke and may resist embracing the change and emotional currents that accompany such growth.

Therefore, those who approach the medicine with sincere curiosity and attraction will benefit from understanding its ancient roots. Respect for the beliefs and traditions of the indigenous cultures, that inherently view it as a spiritual practice, can positively impact the experience and integration of the journey.

Spiritual retreats at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


The term "sacred" is used to describe the medicine because it can transport individuals into a dimension beyond their known reality when consumed.


Sacred medicine can induce visions and altered states of consciousness without containing the harmful chemicals present in recreational drugs such as cocaine and heroin.


Recreational substances offer only temporary highs, and their usage can lead to detrimental effects such as damaging serotonin and brain cells, causing unhealthy addictions, depression, dependency, and a host of other adverse consequences that are well-documented in contemporary times.

In contrast, sacred medicine is an excellent way to address addictions and much more. It is a natural product that is not synthesized with harmful chemicals in a laboratory.

Spiritual retreats at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru

Sacred medicine is a remarkable gift available to those who are interested in exploring higher consciousness and experiencing unity with nature, humanity, and the cosmos.

Read about the History of Psychedelic Use here. 


Welcome to the rhythm of the universal heartbeat. 

The Soul Vine

Deep heart connection, rebirth & cleansing.

Ayahuasca retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Ayahuasca can be gentle and nurturing when needed. This spirit cleanses and supports you to heal the fragmented parts of yourself; bringing consciousness to your soul presence if you are ready. You may feel an intense connection with your heart. Buried feelings and emotions are likely to be unearthed, so they can finally be seen and felt. Beautiful visions, colors and patterns are common during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ancestors & Higher-Self

Let go of what no longer serves you. 

Iboga retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Iboga offers pure love from your Higher-self. This spirit shows you the Truth; giving you exactly what you are ready for when you need it. You may witness what is relevant for you from all viewpoints and see how you can take more responsibility for your life and actions. Your ego may surrender so you move into alignment with your true divine nature. Ancestral karma is visited to clears blocks in your life. Addictions are very likely to disappear.

~ BUFO ~
The Truth & Beyond

Unity consciousness, truth & freedom.

Bufo retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

The spirit of Bufo graces the spaces you prefer not to remember. Bufo moves into the root cause of the energetic blocks in your life, puts it on the big screen and makes room for the soul to be whole again. Bufo uncovers the energetic reverberation that affects the mental state, relationships, money and life. The sacred toad medicine supports deep healing; growing and sustaining your inner strength. Bufo restores order.

The Warrior Spirit

Quickly strip off negativity & clear toxins.

Kambo retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

The spirit of Kambo uproots negative emotions, entities and removes energetic blockages very quickly. Kambo strengthens the physical body and immune system by clearing toxins on a grand scale. The effects of Kambo are felt in the mind, body and soul. Progressive use of Kambo seals holes in the aura, strengthening it and protecting you from unloving entities, energy and influences.

Kambo provides a space for peaceful healing from within.

More Pure Love

Countless blessings from Mother Nature.

Ayahuasca retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

We use various plants and gifts from mother nature to cleanse spaces and people. One example is 'Mapacho' which is pure tobacco. The smoke from Mapacho is used to cleanse ceremonial space and non-loving energies. For example, a headache may quickly disappear with a simple smoke blowing (not smoking) exercise using a pure Mapacho cigarette. Palo Santo is a spiritual wood with an exquisite smell. We use this holy wood for cleansing and bringing in positive energies.

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