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The mind, body and spirit do not operate separately.

It is a true complex.

Maloka for ayahuasca ceremonies at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

The journey towards becoming the best version of yourself is rarely a straightforward path. It can be challenging to quickly identify and adopt what works best for you.

That's why we developed a comprehensive transformation coaching framework that takes a holistic approach. The Modern Ancient Method ™ provides an effective way to address personal growth. Our team has over 30 years of experience using sacred medicine in a transformational life coaching context. 


Transformation that works.

Our method is applied within a structured yet personalized framework and combines three key components: 

  • Transformational Life Coaching

  • Sacred Medicine Experience

  • Physiological Practice





Make meaningful and lasting changes with powerful mindset

and behavioral techniques to identify, re-wire and remove negative belief systems,

emotions and values.

Welcome in a higher mind.

Sacred Medicine Experience

Indigenous medicine from ancient cultures, including Ayahuasca,

Iboga, Kambo and Bufo ceremonies, is an effective catalyst for deepening awareness, healing and creativity. Ancient traditions meet modern science.

Physiological Practice

Modern and ancient lifestyle and nutrition practices, including Ayurveda, yoga and meditation,

are key to a healthy life. Raise your physical, mental and emotional vibration through diet and

holistic activities.

Transformation to support sustainable integration.

We utilize life changing entheogens within a safe, legal and educational environment (including but not limited to Ayahuasca, Iboga, Bufo and Kambo). We provide full preparation (mindset) and support (setting) throughout your journey. 

Experience effective life coaching techniques, bio-energy healing (the chakra system), the ancient wisdom and 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition, its sister discipline, Yoga, as well as powerful meditation techniques to foster healing, harmony and creation.


This powerful mind/ body/ spirit fusion serves as a catalyst to bring deeply ingrained unconscious beliefs, emotions, and behaviors into conscious awareness.

By defining all participants as "students," the program emphasizes the importance of learning and being open to new experiences.

The program's key objectives are to

  • provide a safe and educational space for personal development that contextualizes the sacred medicine experience; and

  • emphasize the importance of holistic living for achieving sustainable health and integration.

We support students to embed the insights and practices learned on retreat into their daily lives as part of a longer term integration strategy.

Take the first step towards living your best life today!

Tree with third eye chakra at Modern Ancient Sanctuary
wristband at Modern Ancient Sanctuary


  • Mindset: We support students to identify limiting beliefs which prevent them from creating a healthier life.

  • Actions: We provide the opportunity for students to examine how they can access living authentically by changing their attitudes and behaviors to align with a higher state of being and positive belief systems.

  • Higher Consciousness: As everyone is at a different level in their spiritual growth, we provide key insights into energy management and understanding spiritual law.


In addition, we include a full yogic practice: asana (posture), dhyana (meditation), pranayama (breath work)) alongside sacred medicine to facilitate healing and change.


We support you to develop your intuitive ability and guide you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Meditation at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Read about the power of belief systems and start learning how to

change them today!

Our programs are practical by coaching and engaging students on the art of living. Specifically, we focus on ‘how to’ achieve desired outcomes (and as we have seen, many incredible unsuspecting and unintended outcomes too!).


In our experience, when sacred medicine is used in a safe, legal and educational context, the benefits for healing and growth can far surpass conventional medicine and therapy.  


Based on the principles of bio-energy and quantum physics, an individual is able to heal physical, emotional and mental ailments, achieve a state of balance and create their desired intentions by demonstrating such ‘how to’ examples through their thoughts, feelings and actions.


Examples of ‘how to’ include:

  • how to let go of past conditioning

  • how to create new thought patterns and belief systems (which lead to new behaviors)

  • how to forgive oneself and others

  • how to take full responsibility and reclaim one’s power

  • how to let go of judgment of oneself and others

  • how to identify and create a self loving mindset and habits

Our workshops and exercises enables our students to perform a real-world gap assessment of their current lifestyle to consciously identify and release negative mental and behavioral patterns.

Beautfiful flower in amazon rainforest at Modern Ancient Sanctuary


Schedule a 1:1 complimentary information session to discuss your particular situation so we can support you to decide which retreat program/ sacred medicine is right for you. Get to know us, what we offer and ask any questions you may have about our retreat programs or your journey.

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