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Where there is wisdom, there is a way. 

Ayahuasca retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Sacred master medicine was used in ancient traditions for thousands of years to heal various mental, physical and emotional disorders.


Shamans and indigenous cultures used sacred plant medicine as well as Kambo frog and Bufo toad secretions in ceremonial settings because they viewed the plants, Kambo frog and Bufo toad as separate from humanity. They considered them to be very evolved and benevolent entities, hence the reference to 'plant teachers' and 'sacred medicine'.

We are dedicated to facilitating transformative shifts and healing through the use of five main powerful sacred master medicines: Ayahuasca, Iboga, San-Pedro, Kambo, and Bufo.  We also use a variety of other spiritual and cleansing Amazonian plants and herbs.  Our team support our students in achieving profound personal growth and spiritual development. Join us on this journey towards self-discovery and healing with the guidance of these incredible sacred and plant medicines. 

Please see the gallery below for detailed information about each main medicine.


Where there is reflection, there is direction.

Iboga retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Our ceremonies are led by experienced Shamanic healers from the Shipibo tribe in Peru (Ayahuasca) and the Bwiti tribe in Africa (Iboga), and they are supported by fully trained ceremonial sitters.


Our healers possess extensive knowledge and experience working with sacred master medicines, as well as plants for 'dietas'.

Ayahuasca retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

As sacred medicine experiences are deeply personal we intentionally limit our group size to a maximum of 10 individuals.


This enables us to provide one-to-one mentorship so each student has the support and oversight they need to navigate their transformative journey safely and effectively.


Where there is determination, there is a path,

and where there is perseverance, there is progress.

Our Modern Ancient Method ™ integrates sacred medicine ceremonies with life coaching and holistic lifestyle and nutrition approaches from Ayurveda to facilitate profound healing and accelerated growth. Rather than working for the student, sacred medicine works with the student, providing powerful experiences, feelings, and insights to drive self-reflection and meaningful change.


It is important to note that sacred medicine is a powerful healing tool but not a fix-all. Personal responsibility is key to optimizing the insights received during the retreat experience and sustaining a higher state of being. Our integration process starts from your first day. We support you to identify and target obstacles and beliefs that may hinder your transformational process. Our effective practices, guidance and materials on retreat are available to take away to support you going forward. 

Ayahuasca shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Our program is a fusion of ancient healing practices and modern rediscoveries,

providing a holistic approach to healing and personal transformation. 


Welcome to the rhythm of the universal heartbeat. 

The Soul Vine

Deep heart connection, rebirth & cleansing.

Ayahuasca retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Ayahuasca can be gentle and nurturing when needed. This spirit cleanses and supports you to heal the fragmented parts of yourself; bringing consciousness to your soul presence if you are ready. You may feel an intense connection with your heart. Buried feelings and emotions are likely to be unearthed, so they can finally be seen and felt. Beautiful visions, colors and patterns are common during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ancestors & Higher-Self

Let go of what no longer serves you. 

Iboga retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

Iboga offers pure love from your Higher-self. This spirit shows you the Truth; giving you exactly what you are ready for when you need it. You may witness what is relevant for you from all viewpoints and see how you can take more responsibility for your life and actions. Your ego may surrender so you move into alignment with your true divine nature. Ancestral karma is visited to clears blocks in your life. Addictions are very likely to disappear.

~ BUFO ~
The Truth & Beyond

Unity consciousness, truth & freedom.

Bufo retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

The spirit of Bufo graces the spaces you prefer not to remember. Bufo moves into the root cause of the energetic blocks in your life, puts it on the big screen and makes room for the soul to be whole again. Bufo uncovers the energetic reverberation that affects the mental state, relationships, money and life. The sacred toad medicine supports deep healing; growing and sustaining your inner strength. Bufo restores order.

The Warrior Spirit

Quickly strip off negativity & clear toxins.

Kambo retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

The spirit of Kambo uproots negative emotions, entities and removes energetic blockages very quickly. Kambo strengthens the physical body and immune system by clearing toxins on a grand scale. The effects of Kambo are felt in the mind, body and soul. Progressive use of Kambo seals holes in the aura, strengthening it and protecting you from unloving entities, energy and influences.

Kambo provides a space for peaceful healing from within.

More Pure Love

Countless blessings from Mother Nature.

Ayahuasca retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in iquitos, Peru

We use various plants and gifts from mother nature to cleanse spaces and people. One example is 'Mapacho' which is pure tobacco. The smoke from Mapacho is used to cleanse ceremonial space and non-loving energies. For example, a headache may quickly disappear with a simple smoke blowing (not smoking) exercise using a pure Mapacho cigarette. Palo Santo is a spiritual wood with an exquisite smell. We use this holy wood for cleansing and bringing in positive energies.

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