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Head of Maintenance

Segundo, with his calm resolve, passion for creation, and construction expertise, has been an invaluable asset during the eight-year journey of building the Modern Ancient retreat center in the Amazon rainforest.


Born in Alto Nannay, a jungle town near Iquitos, Segundo began his journey by working with his family in their agriculture business and selling produce in the city. After a brief period of schooling, which he was unable to continue due to his parents’ separation and lack of funding, he took on various manual labor roles before joining Modern Ancient at the start of the construction phase. As the project progressed, Segundo honed his skills in constructing wooden, concrete, and brick houses from scratch, as well as installing water systems, tiling, painting, and plastering, with the guidance of experienced team members and experience from other companies.


Segundo's visionary spirit is brought to life in his creations, most notably in the exquisite ceremonial space, the Maloka, at Modern Ancient. With meticulous attention to detail, he supported the design and build out of the Maloka, which features an intricate layered spider design inside roof that captivates the imagination and large white marble floor tiling. The delivery of the maloka is a testament to Segundo's creative abilities and his unwavering dedication to bringing beauty and meaning to every structure he crafts.

Ayahuasca Retreat Support at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

As a gifted carpenter, Segundo's talents extend beyond the Maloka. He expertly shapes wood into functional and aesthetic pieces, from intricately carved wooden doors to comfortable beds and even complete houses with charming thatched roofs. His work reflects his deep connection to nature and his ability to harmonize practicality with artistic expression. Segundo's visionary mindset, combined with his masterful carpentry skills, allows him to realize his creative abilities and manifest his imaginative concepts into tangible forms. With each project he undertakes, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring others with his passion and craftsmanship.


On his plant spirit healing journey, Segundo embraced Kambo, Ayahuasca, and Iboga under the guidance of Ama-ra Sen, the Co-Founder and Retreat Director of Modern Ancient Sanctuary. Through Ama-ra’s heart-centered teachings and integration methods, Segundo gradually overcame destructive addictions and depression, finding a higher level of health and peace within himself. Today, he occasionally cleanses his energy with magical plant baths.


Alongside his contributions to the construction and maintenance of the retreat center, Segundo also trained as a ceremony assistant during private retreats.

Outside of his work, Segundo enjoys fitness and weight lifting. Football holds a special place in his heart, with unwavering support for Alianza Lima and Real Madrid. He indulges in English and Spanish rock music and savors his favorite meal, beetroot and potato salad with rice and vegetables, accompanied by copo azu, a refreshing natural fruit drink.


Segundo looks forward to becoming fluent in English, and hopes to one day realize his dream of owning a construction company and/or a supermarket and agriculture business.

Ayahuasca Retreat Support at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

He resides close to Modern Ancient Sanctuary with his partner and three young children, cherishing the proximity to his spiritual family.

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