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Director of Operations

From a young age, Neshani's profound compassion and concern for others ignited her path as a registered nurse. While her focus has been on addressing patients' physical symptoms, she is deeply passionate about holding space for their emotional journey and providing support to alleviate the burdens of stress on the body.

During her tenure at a prominent London hospital, Neshani learned to approach her patients' challenges by relying heavily on pharmaceutical medications. However, she soon realized that this approach occasionally led to dependency on synthetic drugs and witnessed the harmful side effects experienced by patients. While recognizing the value of Western medicine and care, Neshani embarked on a quest to explore alternative and organic methods of healing the body and alleviating pain.

Raised in a traditional Sri Lankan family, Neshani was surrounded by the practice of holistic and Ayurvedic medicine, where natural home remedies were readily available as alternatives to modern pharmaceutical drugs. She deepened her holistic health journey with undertaking Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Iboga ceremonies with Modern Ancient. The integration process introduced her to various energy healing modalities, which left a profound impact and continues to support her personal growth and well-being as she blends Eastern and Western practices.

Neshani Luchmee at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Neshani has a keen interest in women's health, particularly with finding balance in the journey of motherhood. This experience has further  deepened her connection to the power of unconditional love, divine feminine energy and further shaped her approach to holistic healing. She brings this nurturing and empowering energy to her work at Modern Ancient, creating a space that honors and supports women's well-being on their path to wholeness.

Neshani Luchmee at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Neshani maintains a keen interest in research papers and publications concerning sacred medicine, specifically to develop her expertise in understanding contraindications, preparation and integration.


In addition to supporting the build out of the Trinity Program, managing retreat bookings, online student preparation and integration sessions, Neshani leads the health and safety facilitation team training for sacred medicine ceremonies, and is certified in First Aid/ CPR/ AED. 

Neshani obtained her Bachelor's degree in Nursing and her career, spanning over a decade, includes specialization in both Surgery and Anesthesia.


She resides in London, UK, cherishing precious moments with her two young children and family.

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