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Team Member

Ayahuasca Retreat Supervisor at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Nelvin drives a high-quality client experience as a dedicated, reliable and diligent local team member. His unwavering focus and attention to detail ensure the smooth operational flow during retreat experiences, while his humble personality and down-to-earth nature shine as distinctive characteristics. Nelvin consistently goes above and beyond to confirm students are well taken care of and fully supported during ceremonies.


Born in a small jungle town in the Indiana district near Iquitos, Nelvin's journey into the realm of spiritual plants and shamanic healing began at the young age of 11. Under the guidance of a powerful village shaman, he immersed himself in the teachings of Ayahuasca and the intricacies of the healing process.


Throughout his teenage years until the age of 21, he assisted his parents in their food farming and plant medicine trade, honing his skills and knowledge in this sacred tradition. After completing his college studies, he ventured to the city of Iquitos, where he is now settled with his partner and two children.


For twelve years, Nelvin dedicated his work to environmental conservation in the Amazon, reflecting his passion and commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the rainforest.

During this time, he provided support to facilitators during Ayahuasca ceremonies and led jungle tours, expanding his understanding and practice of plant spirit healing modalities. Nelvin's background also includes experience in woodworking, carpentry, construction, and security.


Nelvin's four-year journey with Modern Ancient Sanctuary has seen him play valuable role in the construction project of the retreat center, supporting its successful realization. He has also been instrumental in delivering private retreats and sharing his invaluable expertise in gardening and cultivating jungle soil for the plantation of spiritual plants and produce.

Since joining the team, Nelvin has also reignited his passion for spiritual work and embarked on his personal growth journey. Under the expert guidance of Ama-ra Sen, Co-Founder and Retreat Director of Modern Ancient Sanctuary, he has delved into transformative experiences with Kambo, Ayahuasca, Patiquina, Pinion Colorado, Chirisanango, Toe, Ajo Sacha, Rocacissa, and many other sacred plants. These profound healing journeys have not only deepened his connection to his true divine nature but have also enriched his understanding of the intricate world of plant medicine. Nelvin's expertise particularly shines in his mastery of natural tobacco, both in its dried and fresh variations.


Nelvin's connection to the energy of the sun and his remarkable physical strength enable him to work long hours inl high heat conditions, whether it's overseeing retreat experiences or engaging in labor-intensive tasks to support construction efforts. His exceptional health and unwavering mental focus, coupled with his extensive knowledge of sacred plants, serve as a continuous source of inspiration and wisdom for the entire team. Serving humanity through shamanic and plant spirit healing has always been Nelvin's lifelong dream. He also wishes to learn English and travel abroad for healing work, allowing him to broaden his horizons and touch the lives of individuals around the world.

Ayahuasca Retreat Supervisor at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Apart from his work at Modern Ancient Sanctuary, Nelvin enjoys cooking, going to the beach, and sightseeing in Iquitos. He finds joy in watching and playing football, supporting both La Selección Peruana and Real Madrid. Nelvin's musical taste encompasses romantic Peruvian songs and popular English songs. His preferred culinary delights include vegetable salads, watermelon, and the refreshing Maiz Morado with lemon juice, a natural purple corn drink.

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