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Apprentice Healer

Miguel, the youngest member of the team, brings a light-hearted touch to everyday interactions with his perfectly timed jokes and a naturally humorous personality.


Born and raised in the vibrant jungle city of Iquitos, Miguel's working history has encompassed a diverse range of roles, from construction and security services to carpentry. However, it was during his recent tenure at Ayahuasca retreat centers that his fascination with the healing potential of sacred plant medicine was ignited.


Under the skilled guidance of Ama-ra Sen, Co-Founder and Retreat Director of Modern Ancient Sanctuary, Miguel embarked on his own profound healing odyssey. Immersing himself in transformative journeys with Kambo, Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro, and undertaking a month-long 'Pinion Colorado dieta,' Miguel achieved extraordinary progress within a remarkably short time. Insomnia, serious heart pain, colds, fevers, headaches, and depression gradually yielded to the powerful healing force of sacred plant medicines.


During this transformative period, Miguel also underwent significant lifestyle and nutritional changes. He discovered a diminishing appetite for red meat, white meat, fish, processed chocolate, canned and fried foods, as well as carbonated soft drinks. Instead, he found sustenance in a predominantly fish, vegetable, and egg-based diet. Miguel attributes his profound life and behavioral changes, including a considerable reduction in alcohol consumption and a newfound sense of inner peace towards himself and his loved ones, to the enlightening path he embarked upon with sacred medicine and the invaluable mentorship he received.

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Eager to continue his personal growth and spiritual evolution, Miguel actively integrates the wisdom gleaned from daily life situations and challenges. His inspiring story has touched the hearts of his family and friends, and today he leads a harmonious and healthy existence, sharing it with his loving partner and son.


As an apprentice healer undergoing training at Modern Ancient, Miguel fervently dedicates himself to honing his healing talents. He is particularly drawn to establishing a profound connection with the spirit of Mapacho, sacred tobacco, as a means of purification for himself and others.

Alongside his training as a shamanic healer, Miguel is committed to learning English. Additionally, he harbors aspirations of completing the remaining half of his degree in Computer Engineering, establishing his own thriving carpentry business, and embarking on international travels to immerse himself in diverse cultures.


Beyond his healing pursuits, Miguel finds joy in watching and playing football. His unwavering loyalty lies with Alianza Lima and Real Madrid, both cherished Peruvian and international football teams.


His musical tastes span a range of genres, from reggaeton and romantic ballads to the captivating melodies of Peruvian, English, and world music.

When it comes to traditional Peruvian cuisine, Miguel's palate delights in the flavors of paiche frito, a delectable fried fish dish served with rice and salad, as well as sebada, a refreshing beverage crafted from a unique type of seed.

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