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Ayahuasca Shaman

Lewis, an initiated Master Shamanic Shipibo healer, possesses a gentle yet commanding presence that puts others at ease. Drawing upon his deep connection with sacred medicines, including Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and a diverse range of magical Amazonian plants, Lewis facilitates impressionable healing experiences.


Born and raised in Contamana, near the Ucayali River, Lewis was immersed in a spiritual environment from a young age. Descending from a lineage of dedicated shamans and healers who work with sacred medicine, Lewis's entrance into the world was marked by a sacred ritual. After his umbilical cord was cut, his parents applied the sacred plant "Pinion Colorado," chanting prayers and icaros, ensuring his auspicious arrival.


Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Lewis assisted his family with their agricultural and fishing business while simultaneously learning and practicing the art of healing with sacred medicine.


Among all the medicines, Ayahuasca held a special place in Lewis's heart, as its ceremonies consistently bestowed vivid visions and profound messages. Starting at the age of 16, Lewis delved deeply into Ayahuasca and took his shamanic practices earnestly. At 18, he traveled to Iquitos and served in the army for two years. By the time he turned 21, Lewis had resolved to dedicate his life to being a shamanic healer, committing himself to work with the plants as extensively as possible.

Ayahuasca shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru

Embarking on a journey across Peru, Lewis took on various odd jobs while simultaneously fulfilling his role as a shamanic healer. He aided in the healing of individuals and engaged in rigorous and lengthy sacred plant diets. At the age of 32, Lewis made the decision to devote his life entirely to healing people with sacred medicine, and even at the age of 67, he continues to persevere in this mission with determiniation.

In addition to his expertise in clearing negative energy attachments and addressing related illnesses, Lewis has assisted individuals in healing and improving various health conditions. From alleviating pain in the body and bones to treating urinary disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disorders, and internal infections, his healing scope is wide and courageous.


Experienced Ayahuasca shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru

Lewis has worked at various retreat centers, Lewis primarily focuses on healing private clients, either at his own residence or theirs. At Modern Ancient, Lewis supports Ayahuasca ceremonies by skillfully removing the energy that contributes to physical pain or discomfort, leaving participants feeling immediate relief.


His advice to individuals of all ages is to maintain positive thoughts and actions, and cleanse their energy with sacred plants as frequently as possible. He firmly believes that negative energies, which can lead to illness and disease, can be expelled, transforming lives into healthier and more loving states.


Beyond his profound healing work, Lewis cherishes moments of sightseeing with his beloved partner and children. Fish is his preferred cuisine, and he finds solace and joy in listening to "Huayno," a traditional genre of music in Peru rooted in Andean culture.

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