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Bufo Medicine Facilitator

Lena's profound and urgent calling to explore her heart led her to a five-month stay at a Thai monastery, where she immersed herself in intensive meditation practices, including vipassana. It was during this period that Lena experienced a remarkable level of awareness and inner peace.

During her first seven years as a spiritual seeker, Lena passionately pursued various healing arts and esoteric practices, qualifying as a yoga teacher in Hatha and Ariel, and earning certifications in modalities such as Theta Healing and accessing the Akashic Records.

Lena's sacred medicine path began with a life changing series of five consecutive Ayahuasca ceremonies. The journey provided her with profound experiences encompassing both light and darkness, as well as a direct transmission of unity consciousness and unconditional love. Her healing journey continued across Europe, South America, and Central America, exploring ancient practices and participating in Ayahuasca, Kambo, San Pedro, and Bufo ceremonies.

As a trained Bufo medicine facilitator, initially spending three intense months in Mexico receiving instruction from a well respected medicine man, Lena provides a safe and healing container for all her students. She holds a compassionate and loving space for the medicine to work its magic, and delivers a high quality level of attention to all in entrusted in her care.

Leng Lang at Modern Ancient Sanctuary
Leng Lang at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Under the guidance of Modern Ancient Co-Founder and Retreat Director, Ama-ra Sen, Lena works with the spirit of Iboga to travel deeply into her higher heart. She microdoses with this sacred wood to maintain balance, elevate her consciousness and receive guidance for practical solutions to everyday issues.

Lena's expertise in fasting was born after completion of a traditional plant dieta in Peru at Modern Ancient, where she further remained for 24 days without food and water. Today, Lena regularly engages in both dry and water fasts to access a higher level of healing and connect to her lightbody. Her personal practice, combined with her certification as a freediver, fuels her passion for teaching others to heal the mind and body through the life-sustaining power of pranic energy and breathwork techniques.

Deeply grateful for her transformative sacred medicine experiences, Lena is dedicated to supporting others in overcoming grief, loss and tragedy while embracing unity with the Divine that resides within each individual.

Lena holds a Master's in Art and a Bachelor’s degree in business administration of real estate and construction. Prior to her spiritual journey, Lena had a successful 15-year corporate career as a project manager in commercial construction in Germany. Outside of her spiritual pursuits, she enjoys spending time in nature, honing her free diving skills, and connecting with sacred medicine. Fluent in German, English, and Russian, Lena eagerly anticipates adding Spanish to her language repertoire.

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