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Ayahuasca Shamana

As a Shipibo Maestra (master healer), Isabel possesses an extraordinary wealth of healing knowledge acquired over four decades of dedicated practice with medicinal plants, notably focusing on Ayahuasca. Her story begins in a traditional Shipibo community nestled near the town of Atalaya, in the lush heart of the Peruvian rainforests. From a tender age of five, Isabel commenced her training under the watchful guidance of her father and grandfather, esteemed Curanderos and inheritors of an ancestral lineage of Shamanic healers across numerous generations.


Isabel Pinedo Rengifo Ayahuasca shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Even during her teenage years, Isabel had already accumulated significant experience in working with Ayahuasca. She honed her healing talents through twelve arduous years of "dieting," involving deep connections and intimate communions with a vast array of master plants and trees. A considerable portion of her adolescence was spent secluded in the depths of the jungle, embarking on this transformative journey at the tender age of twelve. Now in her fifties, Isabel has devoted her entire life to gaining profound knowledge and wisdom of the sacred plants, which continue to support her in her healing and compassionate work with others.


Ayahuasca stands at the core of Isabel's healing practices, while she also prepares meticulous "flower/plant baths" tailored to cleanse the energy of her patients, especially those afflicted with depression, negative emotional states, or debilitation. With the aid of her plant spirit allies and the benevolent chullachaqui spirits, mysterious beings dwelling within the depths of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, Isabel embarks on her healing journeys.


Under Isabel's skillful guidance, participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony is a transformative and enchanting experience, saturated with maternal love, profound healing, and mesmerizing Icaros - soothing healing songs. She masterfully translates these ethereal melodies into stunning visual art, weaving intricate patterns and embroideries into textiles that encapsulate the essence of her healing practices.

Isabel's remarkable path as a Shipibo Maestra shines brightly as a testament to her commitment to the ancient traditions and profound wisdom of her lineage.


Isabel Pinedo Rengifo Ayahuasca Shamanat Modern Ancient Sanctuary

With each Ayahuasca ceremony she conducts, she bestows upon others the transformative power of the sacred plants, extending healing, love, and spiritual guidance to those in need, nurturing their souls and facilitating profound personal growth.

Isabel's presence in the realm of healing is a beacon of hope and transformation, carrying forward the ancestral wisdom of the Shipibo people and fostering a deep connection between humans and the natural world that surrounds them.

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