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Ayahuasca Shaman

Daniel, Master Shamanic Shipibo healer, possesses a profound connection with the healing powers of the Amazon jungle. His aura is filled positive energy, radiates robust health and provides a safe container for his patients to return to their divine light.


With expertise in Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, and a diverse array of magical plants, he channels their transformative energy to facilitate healing and cleansing in his patients. As an initiated Ayahuasca Shaman and a certified Kambo practitioner, Daniel's extensive training and experiences have supported his journey as a master healer.


Born in Pucallpa, Peru, near the flowing Ucayali River, Daniel's spiritual journey commenced within the nurturing embrace of the Nativa San Francisco De Yarina Cocha community. At birth, he received ancient spiritual plant treatments. His parents, both Shipibo master healers, ensured that he received healing plants and energy-cleansing remedies from a very young age. Consequently, Daniel grew up as an active, intelligent individual, brimming with motivation, positive energy, personal power, and focus. In addition to his spiritual upbringing, his parents encouraged him to pursue education, enlisting his help in the agricultural business of the family.


Daniel Lopez Ayahuasca Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary
Daniel Lopez Ayahuasca Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Daniel's healing gifts encompass guiding clients toward the realm of light and addressing life-threatening health conditions, some of which he identifies as being caused by negative energies or "black magic."


Daniel possesses an intricate knowledge of the Bible, often reciting its stories and quotes to ceremony participants, sparking interest and resonance for those on a spiritual journey.


His healing abilities extend to ailments associated with the uterus, and he advocates having unwavering faith in oneself and in God. He encourages people to embrace prayer during both challenging and positive phases of life.


Throughout his journey, Daniel has worked with other Ayahuasca retreat centers and now operates his own center in Peru. His connection to Modern Ancient blossomed from a profound bond with the land on which the center stands, cementing his place within the spiritual family of Modern Ancient.


Driven by a deep-seated mission and vision, Daniel aspires to heal as many individuals as possible through the sacred medicines and plants.

As a young adult, Daniel devoted an increasing amount of his time to working with Ayahuasca and sacred plants. Simultaneously, he embarked on a career in the police force, serving in various sectors for 15 years. Balancing his daytime duties with evening Ayahuasca ceremonies for his clients, he delved deeper into his investigations and training with spiritual plants. However, as his 30s unfolded, the energetic conflict between his police work and his shamanic path became palpable, compelling Daniel to make a pivotal choice.


Daniel maintains an interest in numerology, and as a life path master number 44, continues to move from strength to strength in his mission to cleanse the planet of negative energies, fostering a state of collective health and peace among its inhabitants. Valuing serenity and well-being as paramount in life, Daniel dedicates himself to supporting the consciousness of the Earth and illuminating the path of healing for all who seek his guidance.


Beyond his sacred healing work, Daniel finds solace in exploring new sights alongside his partner and daughter. He delights in savoring fish, and his musical tastes lean toward 80s English and American rock, which brings him joy and inspiration.

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