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Bufo Medicine Facilitator

Of Irish Celtic origin, Ciaran hails from a lineage of diviners and souls who harness the power of the hands. Growing up in Ireland, Ciaran experienced a culture that had lost touch with its true essence, which left him feeling out of harmony and at odds with the prevailing western mentality.


In those formative years, conformity seemed safer, leading to a silence that permeated his world, repeating the cycles of his community's past. However, everything changed when the call to the divine mother, master teacher plant medicine, Ayahuasca, beckoned Ciaran.


This transformative journey began to cleanse him of attachments and conditioning that had been deeply ingrained since childhood. Ayahuasca revealed the divine power within and the boundless nature of unconditional love. It ignited a profound internal shift, setting the stage for a complete life transformation.


Through numerous Ayahuasca sessions, visions emerged, guiding Ciaran to work with the frog medicine, Kambo, and shortly thereafter he completed his Kambo facilitator training earning certification from the International Association of Kambo Practitioners.

Ciaran further experienced a powerful calling to work with Bufo Alvarius, the sacred medicine of the toad. Drawn to Mexico, the home of this healing spirit, Ciaran sought guidance from an esteemed teacher to deepen his connection with this medicine. 

Ciaran John Bufo Facilitator at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Following this intensive training, he has since passionately guided many through profound Bufo ceremonies, which he combines with the heart-opening properties of cacao medicine. Ciaran creates a space of ease and grace with his calm and harmonious presence. He holds a heart centered intention for his students to embark on their healing journeys and to allow the medicine to weave its beautiful magic. Ciaran strongly believes in the transformative potential of Bufo, allowing individuals to be reborn, shedding societal masks and embracing a path of pure love and authenticity. He tailors his treatments with the utmost care and attention to address the unique needs of each person, guiding them to access their true potential and navigate the spirit world.

Ciaran John Bufo Facilitator at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

To support integration, Ciaran is an accredited life coach, skilled in guiding individuals towards their best lives by helping them release what no longer serves them and adopt new empowering habits. Further, he is a Reiki practitioner and utilizes the four elements and spirit to facilitate energy shifts, often incorporating the use of crystals to amplify the session's power.


Exploring the mechanics of the world provides Ciaran with great enjoyment. He is passionate about working with frequency and vibrations through sound therapy, harnessing its ability to dissolve energetic blocks and harmonize the body and mind to connect with spirit.


Ciaran is deeply grateful for the tools that have facilitated his personal transformation. He remains open-hearted in sharing his own story and supporting others to overcome attachments and conditions that hinder their pursuit of a fulfilling life. Ciaran encourages individuals to set their inner selves free, allowing their spirits to roam and flourish.


Ciaran holds a Master's in Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Science. He is an experienced qualified Planning Engineer who has primarily worked across Europe over the past eight years.

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