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Ayahuasca Shamana

Santun exudes a radiant abundance of love, warmth, and positive energy, creating an atmosphere of healing wherever she goes. Her serene demeanor, soft-spoken nature, and unwavering patience make her a comforting presence to those seeking solace. With an impressive knowledge of sacred plants and their remarkable powers, her healing talents are equally astounding.


Born and raised in the picturesque town of Pucallpa, Puerto Aurora, Peru, nestled near the flowing Ucayali River, Santun's journey into the world of healing began at the tender age of 10. At that time, she went to live with her grandmother, a woman gifted with the ability to heal, who had aided countless individuals in the surrounding areas. Recognizing Santun's potential, her grandmother imparted all her wisdom and secrets, supporting Santun to grow into a powerful healer herself. People from far and wide sought out Santun and her grandmother's land for assistance and healing. In those days, a barter system prevailed, where those receiving healing left them gifts, food, and other essential items. Santun and her grandmother took delight in cultivating their land, growing a variety of natural foods, sacred plants, medicinal herbs, and even raising chickens for egg consumption.

After assisting her grandmother and absorbing as much knowledge as she could about sacred and medicinal plants until the age of 15, Santun embarked on a new chapter in her life. She traveled to the bustling city of Iquitos with her parents, having already worked with Ayahuasca from a young age and receiving profound visions. Santun transformed these visions into embroidered cloths, paintings, and other forms of artwork. Her talents proved invaluable as she aided her family in creating Ayahuasca-inspired artisanry for sale in the tourist areas of Iquitos. For four years, Santun and her family thrived in Iquitos, selling their creations and conducting Ayahuasca ceremonies and healing sessions for foreign visitors. During this period, their hard work bore fruit, allowing them to purchase a small piece of land and construct a humble yet rustic healing center. As Santun approached her 20s, her grandmother joined the family in Iquitos, leaving behind Pucallpa. When she turned 25, Santun felt fully prepared to embrace her role as a Shaman and began independently leading Ayahuasca ceremonies to heal individuals. Through successful treatment and word-of-mouth their family healing center gradually gained popularity.

Santun Yabe Ayahuasca Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

In the year 2023, Santun accomplished extraordinary healing feats. She healed a patient with advanced uterine cancer within a month, defying the one-year maximum life expectancy given by the doctors. Additionally, she assisted a woman in realizing her dream of pregnancy after years of unsuccessful attempts. These healings were made possible by Santun's profound connection with Ayahuasca and the sacred plants she skillfully employed.

Furthermore, she has worked with numerous individuals suffering from ailments such as stomach cancer, ulcers, bone pain, bodily infections, and more; effectively cleansing both negative energy and related illnesses.

Santun Yabe Ayahuasca Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Santun humbly imparts her wisdom to those seeking healing, emphasizing the importance of patience and unwavering faith in the power of sacred plants. She firmly believes that it is the plants themselves that hold the ability to heal, with shamans and healers acting as supportive facilitators.


Santun advises, "Believe in your own healing, and it will happen. Doubt stops your process. The ones who come to the journey with faith and the right mentality achieve success. Do not doubt; instead, have complete faith in the creator, the healing process, and sacred plants". 

She cautions, however, that while she has witnessed countless cases of healing through Ayahuasca and sacred medicines for cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses, that this path may not yield the same results for everyone. She attributes this to the different energies that each soul carries from many lifetimes, or the role of karma, noting that a profound shift in the heart is needed before the energy of the disease can be released.

Beyond her inspiring role as a Shaman, Santun embraces another treasured aspect of her life: motherhood. She met her lifelong partner at 18 years old, and together they have four children. When she is not guiding others on their healing journeys, Santun cherishes the company of her children and dedicates ample time creating beautiful memories together.

In her moments of respite, Santun finds tranquility in the act of planting and tending to her garden. Working closely with nature brings her a sense of peace and fulfillment. Furthermore, she indulges in the creation of natural creams and remedies for her own skin, a practice she shares generously with her family. The bountiful fish and luscious fruits of the land are her preferred culinary delights, satisfying her palate with their fresh and vibrant flavors.


Santun's remarkable journey as a Shaman, healer, and mother is an embodiment of her unwavering commitment to the well-being of others. Her innate connection with the sacred plants, cultivated through generations of wisdom passed down by her grandmother, allows her to bring profound healing and transformation to those in need.

With an open heart, abundant love, and an unshakable faith in the powers of nature, Santun continues to touch lives and inspire hope, leaving an indelible mark on the world through her remarkable abilities and unwavering dedication to the path of healing.

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