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Director of Finance

Jan has been an instrumental figure in the financial management of the retreat center, providing invaluable support to his sisters, Ama-ra and Ansuya, throughout the Modern Ancient Sanctuary creation journey.


From the initial construction phase to overseeing record-keeping, he has played an important role in ensuring the center's financial stability and operational viability. His dedication extends to supporting the team to import a substantial volume of books for the library room, enriching the retreat experience for students.

Jan's spiritual exploration continues to move him towards embracing the belief in an all encompassing energy field and unity consciousness. His sacred medicine journeys, as part of family Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Iboga ceremonies, have consistently granted him "nada" experiences (otherwise known as the no-experience experience); fostering a deep practice of surrender and non-attachment.


Having witnessed the sustainable transformative impact of sacred plant medicine on his own family dynamics, Jan is passionate about creating a space to support others to move onto a positive trajectory to heal family relationships and trauma.

Jan actively seeks to understand the practical application of holistic health and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. He strives to find balance within his corporate career, continually delving into the meaning of life and love.


With 15 years of experience in accounting, including his current role as a regional finance business partner for a prominent US multinational market research and data analytics firm in Hong Kong, Jan brings a wealth of financial expertise and strategy to Modern Ancient.

Jan Santan at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Jan divides his time between Hong Kong and London, immersing himself in the vibrant energy of both cities. 

When he's not spoiling family photos by pulling a silly face, crunching numbers or providing financial guidance, he indulges in his passions, including playing squash, cheering on his favorite football team Arsenal, and appreciating quality moments spent with his children. 

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