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Experience profound transformation with ancient shamanic Shipibo tribe plant spirit ceremonies for healing and creation. 

The Peruvian Amazon rainforest serves as the perfect destination to discover your higher purpose, embody your inner strength and open your spiritual heart with indigenous sacred wisdom.





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Whether you're seeking personal growth, to heal a health condition, spiritual connection or simply a break from the stresses of modern life, our cutting-edge retreat programs provide an unrivaled holistic health transformation journey in the mystical Amazon rainforest.


Embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery, healing and growth. Shift from a Newtonian (limited) to Quantum (unlimited) state.


Be held in a safe space for connection to yourself and others with powerful life coaching and 5,000 year old Peruvian Shipibo tribe shamanic ceremonies for profound healing and creation.



Heal and Open
Your Heart

Reveal subconscious, repressed and forgotten feelings, memories and more. Shipibo tribe shamanic healing reconnects you to the truth within by illuminating unhealthy patterns and boldly imparting the wisdom of unconditional love. 

Overcome Limiting Belief Systems

Identify and re-wire limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and behaviors that prevent you from expansion into a higher version of yourself. Create new and healthy thought patterns to empower your life and redirect your energy. 

Boldly Step into Your
Best Life

Discover your divine purpose and what makes you joyful. Feel harmonious, trusting and at peace with life. Surrender to a higher state of consciousness. Embrace new lifestyle and nutritional practices to reconnect with nature. 



The Peruvian Shipibo tribe has used plant spirit healing for thousands of years in indigenous shamanic practices. Traditional healing ceremonies are led by experienced shamans knowledgeable in the use of Amazonian plants and the spiritual traditions that surround it.


Such plants are known for its properties of physical cleansing of the digestive system and whole body. These practices are successful in treating a range of issues such as addiction and depression, as well as other internal day-to-day issues that are difficult to resolve.

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Thousands of people flock to South America from all over the world to experience the life changing healing properties of Amazonian plants. Many describe their experience as ten years of therapy in just one night; providing access to sub and superconscious wisdom from deep within and outside of ourselves.

The Shipibo indigenous tribes from Peru have been considered to be the spiritual attendants of the jungle and inner healing for over 2000 years. They cultivate many of the traditions of their ancestors, including the ritual use of plant healing. The most important aspect of Shipibo culture is their deeply-rooted spirituality.​

In the Shipibo culture, shamans work as plant-based healers of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Their knowledge is believed to originate from the plants themselves. During the process, the plant spirits reveal to the shaman the luminous geometric patterns of energy, which drift towards the shaman's mouth and metamorphose into a healing chant known as an icaro. The icaros, or healing songs, transform the visual code into an audible code, allowing the healing energy to penetrate much deeper into the field of the recipient. 

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Daniel H, U.K

"I'll start this review by saying, come to Modern Ancient to get back into your heart and a clear mind. I never expected the deep healing and real life impact that took place here. I am beyond words in trying to describe what I experienced or how my life has changed in the months after my retreat. The wisdom and practical methods for daily life are effective. Modern Ancient show up as an incredible team, full of light and with a high intellect for taking complicated spiritual woo hoo concepts and translating them to a regular person like me. It’s been a life changing miracle at Modern Ancient"

Sarah P, San Diego

"Without a doubt, this was one of the most magical and profound experiences I have ever had. I was welcomed into the family right from the get go, and felt so at home during the whole week that I didn't want to leave! I am so inspired by these sisters because they walk the talk themselves and lead by example. The level of care, spiritual knowledge and professionalism is truly outstanding. Thank you Modern Ancient for setting me on a journey to live my true purpose!" 

Will G, Berlin

Wow! I don't know where to start or if words can explain but I'll try. I feel my soul, my ancestors, my pain and my power to create more than what I am sitting in now. I had special visions and visits from my deceased family members with so much love and acceptance. The place is fantastic in the jungle. A stellar team, on point with the holistic education, very grounded and easy to talk to - really like my soul family. I'll never forget my time here at Modern Ancient, and I feel that Cara and Suya's light will always be with me. Thank you everyone, I am truly grateful and can't wait to come again next year"


Sunday January 14 - Sunday January 21 - FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday February 13 - Tuesday February 20 - FULLY BOOKED

Thursday March 14 - Thursday March 21

Friday April 5 - Friday April 12

Sunday May 5 - Sunday May 12

Tuesday June 4 - Tuesday June 11

Thursday July 4 - Thursday July 11

Saturday August 3 - Saturday August 10

Monday September 2 - Monday September 9

Wednesday October 2 - Wednesday October 9

Friday November 1 - Friday November 8

Sunday December 1 - Sunday December 8


Nestled in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, mother to many healing plants, our tranquil sanctuary is modern, peaceful and perfectly set in nature. The ceremonial space (maloka) is an exquisite destination unto itself with a traditional roof, white tiled flooring and four grand entrances. This beautiful setting is the ideal place to heal and awaken the divine within. 

Our charming rooms effortlessly receive healing views and energy from the rainforest, and directly face the stunning sacred ceremonial space. Modern comfort infused with ancient wisdom awaits you, making this your home away from home. All rooms are for single occupancy. 


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Carretera Iquitos - Nauta,  KM 17.300
San Juan Bautista - Maynas - Loreto
Iquitos - Peru 

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