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Iboga Shaman

Meet Francis, a remarkable healer whose profound connection with the Earth fuels his unwavering compassion for all living beings.


Guided by the transformative power of Iboga, Francis emanates an energy of unconditional love, touching the lives of those fortunate enough to encounter his healing presence. His commitment to Iboga extends beyond his healing practice, as he and his wife embrace a pure vegan diet, honoring the sacredness of all life.


Further, Francis dedicates himself to the cultivation and preservation of Iboga in Africa, tirelessly working to safeguard this sacred medicine from the threat of extinction. With Francis, the Earth finds a devoted advocate, and those in need discover a source of profound healing and spiritual guidance.


Francis, born in the rural African village of Kisui near the boundary of Cameroon and Gabon, hails from a family deeply rooted in the Iboga healing tradition.


As native Iboga healers from the Ewondo tribe, Francis's parents and immediate family incorporate Iboga into their daily lives, considering it their protector, healer, teacher, and a great source of wisdom and assistance.

Francis Ngamaku Adenue Iboga Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

As practitioners of the Bwiti Tradition alongside Iboga, Francis’ deceased ancestors and living family have been instrumental in his development as a healer from a young age. When Francis turned 20, his Iboga initiation took place in Gabon, a land renowned for its deep connection to the African jewel, Iboga. Following his initiation, Francis relocated to Gabon with his parents, embarking on a healing journey that has spanned 25 years, offering his healing services to people from all corners of the world and neighboring native villages. 

At Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Peru, Francis delivers ceremonies in the traditional African tribal manner. He incorporates the Mongongo harp, a sacred Iboga ceremony instrument, and sings live Iboga ceremonial songs to anchor the medicine's energy. Participants in his ceremonies are anointed with a special white powder on their bodies and red powder on their faces, which enhances the healing and alignment process.

Francis Ngamaku Adenue Iboga Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Another distinctive ritual involves planting participants into the Earth, with their heads resting above ground and adorned with blessed leaves, facilitating a profoundly grounding experience during the ceremony. The Iboga used by Francis is of a powerful species cultivated for 35 years, and for those in need, he employs the grandmother species of Iboga, which has been nurtured for 65 years.

Beyond his healing work, Francis treasures the moments spent with his wife and three children and enjoys playing football.

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