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Emmaleen is often asked how she discovered astrology. Having previously worked as a lawyer in London and New York, embarking on a study of the stars was quite a career change for her. In 2014, she had her first child and moved  from New York City to Charlotte, NC, US. As a stay-at-home parent, she came across an astrology class advertisement on a flier in her local town. It seemed like a fun and fulfilling way to have some "me time," so she decided to attend.

Coincidentally, during that time, Jupiter had just crossed her ascendant, which she later learned was considered a special gift in astrology (although she was unaware of it at the time). Upon joining the class, she quickly realized that she had very little knowledge about astrology, much like many others who initially misunderstand the subject due to pop culture sun sign horoscopes. The teacher asked for her birth information to create her birth chart, which Emmaleen now refers to as the soul's fingerprint; a unique snapshot of an individual.

The teacher then proceeded to interpret her chart, using the language of astrology to analyze the planets' positions and signs in her chart. Emmaleen was astonished and couldn't help but ask, "How do you know all this?" Her background as a lawyer compelled her to seek answers. To her surprise, the teacher explained that astrologers acquire knowledge through studying and reading books, rather than communicating with spirits, although that could be helpful if it were possible.

Astrologer at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

With her curiosity piqued, Emmaleen inquired about the books the teacher recommended, signaling her growing fascination with the subject. From that point on, she was captivated. She immersed herself in her studies, ensuring that not a day went by without delving into astrology. She continued taking classes with Jim Dellicolli, studied with Anne Ortelee, and enrolled in the London School of Astrology where she learned from Frank Clifford.

Studying the ancient language of astrology brought both challenges and joy to Emmaleen's life. Now, she finds fulfillment in assisting people from around the world by reading their charts and revealing their unique strengths, skills, and gifts. Through astrology, she can also examine upcoming transits, providing insights into the energy that lies ahead.

Emmaleen believes that astrology is a form of energy that individuals can choose to work with. She often mentions that even if she wasn't giving a reading to someone, they would still encounter that energy in their lives. Astrology serves as a useful tool, raising awareness and offering specific dates and timings. Emmaleen emphasizes that transits are temporary and that it's beneficial to be reminded of this fact.

Read about how you can unveil your cosmic blueprint with the big three placements in your chart, and book an intuitive astrology reading with Emmaleen before or after a scared medicine retreat to understand your life purpose, and much more!

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