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M  O  D  E  R  N     A  N  C  I  E  N T 

Revolutionary Personal Growth Retreats with Ayahuasca & Sacred Medicine in Iquitos, Peru​

Maloka at Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru

                                 ACCELERATE INTO YOUR BEST LIFE                                 

At Modern Ancient Sanctuary for healing and creation, we're passionate about empowering students to create more fulfilling lives. Our goal is to ignite change from the inside out, unlock one's full potential and drive lasting improvements in health, wealth, and relationships. 


To fuel personal transformation, we apply our Modern Ancient Method ™ which effectively combines dynamic life coaching techniques and the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition with ancient sacred medicines.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, spiritual connection, or simply a break from the stresses of modern life, our cutting-edge personal growth retreat programs are the perfect springboard for anyone ready for greater alignment with their true divine nature.


Get ready to discover your higher purpose, embody your inner strength,

and accelerate towards your best life!


We welcome you wherever you are in your journey. Our Modern Ancient Method ™ is  a structured and personalized life coaching framework which fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary methods to facilitate the experience of a higher life state. 



We focus on holistic living, development of intuition and alignment with one's higher destiny path. Bringing together mind, body and spirit provides a sustainable route to achieving optimum health and happiness.

Our team has decades of combined experience and a proven track record of utilizing alternative healing methods and sacred plant medicines, including Ayahuasca.

We offer a legal, safe, comfortable, clean and educational space in the Amazon rainforest. Our Ayahuasca and sacred medicine retreat space in Iquitos, Peru, is modern and traditional. We are fast becoming are one of the safest, cleanest and recommended Ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine retreat centers in Peru.



Experience profound healing, challenge your status quo and unleash your creative potential. 

Move into a heartfelt state of change from the inside out.

Your arrival at the gates of your true divine nature has long been anticipated.

Join us at Modern Ancient Sanctuary as we work with you on your journey home!


As of January 2024 we are formally open to the public for group retreats. We continue to offer private retreats on a case by case basis.

Promotional pricing on all retreats through 2024. 

Our Retreat Programmes
Divine spark retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Modern Ancient Sanctuary butterfly

from $2500 ~ 8 days ~ 8 ceremonies



Kambo x 4 ~ Ayahuasca x 4
 Other Plant & Energy Treatments
Holistic Transformational Coaching
Amazon Rainforest Excursion

Metamorphosis retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Modern Ancient Sanctuary butterfly

from $2900 ~ 6 days ~ 2 ceremonies



Kambo x1 ~ Iboga x1 
Other Plant & Energy Treatments

Holistic Transformational Coaching
Amazon R
ainforest Excursion

Bufo retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru
Modern Ancient Sanctuary butterfly

from $2200 ~ 6 days ~ 6 ceremonies



Kambo x 3 ~ Bufo x 3 
Other Plant & Energy Treatments
Holistic Transformational Coaching
Amazon R
ainforest Excursion

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Explore dimensions of yourself and the universe. Find your divinity and re-connect with your truth.  Reveal subconscious, repressed and forgotten feelings, memories and more. Ayahuasca supports you to revitalize your life; illuminating unhealthy patterns and boldly opening your heart to the wisdom
of unconditional love.

DIVINE SPARK - 2024 Dates

Sun Jan 14 - Sun Jan 21 - FULLY BOOKED
Tue Feb 13 - Tue Feb 20 - FULLY BOOKED
Thu Mar 14 -  Thu Mar 21 - FULLY BOOKED
Fri Apr 5 - Fri Apr 12 - FULLY BOOKED
Sun May 5 - Sun May 12
Tue June 4 - Tue June 11
Thu Jul 4 - Thu July 11
Sat Aug 3 - Sat Aug 10
Mon Sep 2 - Mon Sep 9
Wed Oct 2 - Wed Oct 9
Fri Nov 1 - Fri Nov 8

Sun Dec 1 - Sun Dec 8

Metamorphosis retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru


Fri Jan 26 - Wed Jan 31 - FULLY BOOKED
Sun Feb 25 - Fri Mar 1 - FULLY BOOKED
Tue Mar 26 - Sun Mar 31 - FULLY BOOKED
Wed Apr 17 - Mon Apr 22 - FULLY BOOKED
Fri May 17 - Wed May 22
Sun Jun 16 - Fri Jun 21
Tue Jul 16 - Sun Jul 21
Thu Aug 15 - Tues Aug 20
Sat Sept 14 - Thu Sept 19
Mon Oct 14 - Sat Oct 19
Wed Nov 13 - Mon Nov 18
Fri Dec 13 - Wed Dec 18


Reprogram, rewire and reset on this powerful butterfly bootcamp. Gift yourself the keys to personal freedom by breaking away from deep ancestral blocks. Iboga effectively supports you to release destructive mental and behavioral patterns, addictions and limitations that prevent you from living your highest potential.

Bufo retreat at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru

Illuminate your consciousness with personal ceremonies. Choose rebirth into a new paradigm; one with humanity, nature and your true self. Serve your heart and explore your soul’s place in the universe. This magical healer supports you to experience the freedom that results when repressed feelings and deep truths are revealed.

BLESSINGS - 2024 Dates

Sun Feb 4 - Fri Feb 9 - FULLY BOOKED
Fri Apr 26 - Wed May 1 - FULLY BOOKED
Sun May 26 - Fri May 31
Tue Jun 25 - Sun Jun 30
Thu Jul 25 - Tue Jul 30
Sat Aug 24 - Thu Aug 29
Mon Sep 23 - Sat Sep 28
Wed Oct 23 - Mon Oct 28
Fri Nov 22 - Wed Nov 27
Thu Dec 28 - Tue Jan 2, 2025

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Schedule a 1:1 complimentary information session to discuss your particular situation so we can support you to decide which retreat program/ sacred medicine is right for you. Get to know us, what we offer and ask any questions you may have about our retreat programs or your journey.


Our case studies below provide detailed information about the successful life changes, and commitment to integration practices, of retreat participants after their visit to Modern Ancient Sanctuary. 

Logo for Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru


Michael H
Year 2022

"I will also never ever forget the peace that I felt during my first Ayahuasca ceremony.  I felt like I was truly resting and I had never experienced that type of peace in my life.  My time on retreat was mindblowing.  I can’t recommend Modern Ancient enough or stress how important I feel about others taking sacred medicine.  I can honestly say that we can’t break through our barriers or through the matrix without it.  The whole before, during and after info and care that I received was more than 1st class and Modern Ancient have the experience and resources to really get their guests into their ‘chakra balance’.  The entire experience was a true wake-up call for me, to stop playing small in my life..."


J Lambert developed the strength to release a toxic partner, lose weight, heal insomnia, stress, lack of energy and more with sacred medicine ceremonies.




Read about how PJ Roberts healed suicidal tendencies, deep depression and life destroying addictions with Kambo and Iboga.


SKH began healing childhood traumas and deep seated emotional wounds with Kambo and Bufo which resulted in positive life changes, self empowerment, faith in a higher power as well as clarity in her career and life path.




Read about how Mike overcame sex, drugs, and alcohol addictions to move into a healthy relationship, life state, and better physical health (including healing PSTD) by using Kambo, Ayahuasca and the sacred plants. 

Logo for Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos Peru


Marco P
Year 2022

"I felt so at home during my retreat, it is a safe space to be for inner work.  It also felt exciting to be in Peru working with Mother Ayahusaca in her homeland with Shipibo shamans. The room was comfortable and the staff really attentive, full of care and support.  I discovered a lot at the workshops, it really felt like I was in the school of life, learning new things and how to cope better in my life.  I felt like I was very busy with myself! 
But I did have enough time alone to process my stuff. I gained clarity about many things including my twin flame journey.  I smashed through a lot of blockages and imbalances and am eternally grateful to Modern Ancient.  After my retreat, I actually met my ‘true’ twin flame (‘true’ being the one before ‘I’ and my..."


It's your biggest asset.

Your energy levels impact your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and can affect productivity and relationships. Mastering the management of your energy body can result in a higher quality of life.

The chakra system is an ancient system of energy centers located within the etheric body. They are connected to specific physical, emotional, and spiritual functions. Balancing your chakras can lead to energy flow, vitality, and health.




Sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, and Kambo can support balance of the energy body and accelerate personal growth. Some medicines more profoundly impact the lower centers while others affect the higher chakras. The heart chakra responds to all sacred medicines.

A single ceremony can result in significant healing progress, such as reversal of addictive behaviors, while multiple ceremonies offer greater scope for transformation. A spiritual rebirthing process may drive sustainable change, leading to more self-awareness, inner peace, and a fulfilling life.

Shamana at Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru


Welcome to the rhythm of the universal heartbeat.

The Soul Vine

Deep heart connection, rebirth & cleansing.

Ayahuasca vine at Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru

Ayahuasca can be gentle and nurturing when needed. This spirit cleanses and supports you to heal the fragmented parts of yourself; bringing consciousness to your soul presence if you are ready. You may feel an intense connection with your heart. Buried feelings and emotions are likely to be unearthed, so they can finally be seen and felt. Beautiful visions, colors and patterns are common during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ancestors & Higher-Self

Let go of what no longer serves you. 

Iboga seeds at Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru

Iboga offers pure love from your Higher-self. This spirit shows you the Truth; giving you exactly what you are ready for when you need it. You may witness what is relevant for you from all viewpoints and see how you can take more responsibility for your life and actions. Your ego may surrender so you move into alignment with your true divine nature. Ancestral karma is visited to clears blocks in your life. Addictions are very likely to disappear.

~ BUFO ~
The Truth & Beyond

Unity consciousness, truth & freedom.

Bufo toad Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru

The spirit of Bufo graces the spaces you prefer not to remember. Bufo moves into the root cause of the energetic blocks in your life, puts it on the big screen and makes room for the soul to be whole again. Bufo uncovers the energetic reverberation that affects the mental state, relationships, money and life. The sacred toad medicine supports deep healing; growing and sustaining your inner strength. Bufo restores order.

The Warrior Spirit

Quickly strip off negativity & clear toxins.

Kambo frog Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru

The spirit of Kambo uproots negative emotions, entities and removes energetic blockages very quickly. Kambo strengthens the physical body and immune system by clearing toxins on a grand scale. The effects of Kambo are felt in the mind, body and soul. Progressive use of Kambo seals holes in the aura, strengthening it and protecting you from unloving entities, energy and influences.

Kambo provides a space for peaceful healing from within.

More Pure Love

Countless blessings from Mother Nature.

Palo Santo Modern Ancient Sanctuary retreat in Iquitos Peru

We use various plants and gifts from mother nature to cleanse spaces and people. One example is 'Mapacho' which is pure tobacco. The smoke from Mapacho is used to cleanse ceremonial space and non-loving energies. For example, a headache may quickly disappear with a simple smoke blowing (not smoking) exercise using a pure Mapacho cigarette. Palo Santo is a spiritual wood with an exquisite smell. We use this holy wood for cleansing and bringing in positive energies.

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