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    Embark on a life-changing 8-day/ 7-night journey of self-discovery, healing and growth.

    No matter where you are in your journey, this unique holistic transformational life coaching retreat program with AYAHUASCA ceremonies supports you to open your heart and mind, heal trauma and make the shift from a Newtonian (limited) to Quantum (unlimited) state. Our practical art-of-living style approach teaches concepts and practices that were once commonplace in ancient civilizations. We hold a safe space for connection to self and others.

    Stay in the world’s largest natural pharmacy.

    The lush Amazon rainforest offers an abundance of mystical healing resources, plants and the creative impulses we yearn to awaken within ourselves. Iquitos, built in the middle of the jungle, has long attracted travelers, yogis and spiritual seekers from all over the globe who are inspired by the rich traditions and ancient wisdom of the Peruvian culture; participating in local rituals, ceremonies and practices that have been passed down through generations. Revered for treasured sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca, Kambo and Cacao, the Amazon rainforest serves as the perfect destination for healing, transformation and to open our spiritual hearts.

    Receive 1:1 holistic and transformational life coaching by our expert team, before, on and after retreat. 

    Personalized sessions are provided to support your individual journey and intention, including an assigned coach throughout your time on retreat. Group sizes are limited to 10 spaces to provide the highest level of attention and care. 

    Go beyond the physical to balance the mind, body and spirit with ancient sacred medicine ceremonies. 

    We utilize life changing entheogens within a safe, legal and educational environment You can rest assured that we provide full preparation (mindset) and support (setting) throughout your journey. We combine the power of Ayahuasca and Kambo to facilitate profound healing, personal change and spiritual rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in 8 authentic ceremonies, with 4 x Ayahuasca and 4 x Kambo experiences, carefully designed to guide you toward greater wellbeing and higher consciousness. Reveal subconscious, repressed and forgotten feelings, memories and much more. 

    Experience energetic renewal with other plant-based cleansing and energy healing treatments.

    Discover energy management as your biggest asset.

    Our successful Modern Ancient Method  ™ teaches you how to manage your energy field as part of a longer term integration approach, including scientifically proven tools to balance your key energy centers  ('chakras'). Our method is delivered within a structured yet personalized framework and combines three key components: Transformational Life Coaching + Sacred Medicine Experience + Physiological Practice. Experience the ancient wisdom and 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition, its sister discipline, Yoga, as well as powerful meditation techniques to foster healing, harmony and creation within your mind and body. We fuse ancient wisdom with contemporary methods to facilitate greater health and a higher life state. 

    Explore the Amazon.

    Set sail on an Amazon river boat ride, connecting you with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and encounters with exotic birds, playful dolphins, and captivating wildlife.

"Without a doubt, this was one of the most magical and profound experiences I have ever had. I was welcomed into the family right from the get go, and felt so at home during the whole week that I didn't want to leave! I am so inspired by these sisters because they walk the talk themselves and lead by example. The level of care, spiritual knowledge and professionalism is truly outstanding. Thank you Modern Ancient for setting me on a journey to live my true purpose!" 

- Sarah P, San Diego


This is a structured and intensive holistic transformation program which includes a combined framework of life coaching and healing, the ancient practice of Ayurveda (lifestyle and nutrition) and sacred medicine to drive profound alignment and deep healing of mind, body and soul. ​Using sacred medicine in conjunction with ancient practices and teachings provides an effective way of developing self-awareness to support personal growth, which leads to positive life changes. We further facilitate your connection to nature, where unity with all of creation opens up a deeper healing and self exploration journey. This program includes 8 ceremonies (KAMBO x 4, AYAHUASCA x 4) along with modern and ancient teachings, workshops and other plant cleansing and energy healing treatments. *All Kambo ceremonies are highly recommended, however opt out permitted based on individual circumstances and mentor discussion. This retreat is suitable for sacred medicine newcomers as well as those experienced in sacred medicine, however it is important to check contraindications and make an informed decision about whether sacred medicine is right for you. Our intake process (see 'Before Retreat' below) comprises a deep dive risk assessment to confirm the best circumstances for your safety and that of the group. ​Inclusions:  - Personal 1:1 onboarding and integration video sessions before and after your retreat program - Pickup from IQT airport and transfer to Modern Ancient Sanctuary - Drop off to a modern hotel room with wifi access in Iquitos city center on the last day of your retreat program - All meals, beverages, laundry and security personnel for the duration of your retreat  - Sacred medicine ceremonies, traditional cleansing plant baths, other ceremonies (e.g. rapé, mapacho) - Guided excursion day (e.g Amazon river boat ride and visits to exotic birds, dolphins and animals)  - Assigned one-to-one mentor, which includes emotional support when needed - Yoga, meditation, energy healing, holistic health workshops and coaching - Comprehensive takeaway course materials, including integration guide and self development teachings ​Exclusions: - Airfare - Expenses outside of retreat (e.g gifts / personal purchases on excursion day) - Guided Iboga micro-dosing and other integration programs designed to be continued after your retreat - Any other expenses incurred before your program or after drop off on the last day of the retreat program

Please check the important booking process information and contraindications, prior to requesting and paying for your retreat program. ​Our process comprises a risk assessment for the safety of all (participant, group and team). Specifically, it includes - pre-screening and a student assessment evaluation during the online booking process  - 1:1 onboarding video call ​These steps support us to get to know you better and thoroughly plan for your visit. Following a successful onboarding, we prepare you for the experience with our pre-retreat materials and guidance. You are welcome to connect with our intake team to answer any questions beforehand. Lastly, we will be in touch to confirm your flight details and pick up/ drop off logistics.

Your retreat will take place in a legal, safe and educational environment. Our Modern Ancient Method ™ is focused on using sacred medicine along with our practical daily yogic and ayurveda routine. This also provides energetic grounding to balance the medicine insights. Our program is carefully designed to start your integration process right from the very beginning.  Our retreats are hosted by experienced and supportive facilitators, healers and life coaches. You will be assigned a mentor for your one to one meetings so you'll have a trusted point of contact at all times throughout your experience. We careful monitor each student and our oversight extends to preparation of sacred medicines used in ceremonies and other plant treatments.

Scared medicine ceremonies are powerful and provide deep healing long after the sacred ceremony experience has passed. However, to continue to effectively evolve and change to create your best life, an intentional effort is required on your part to propel meaningful change going forward. Support is key to meaningful integration. We start your integration from your first day with us, giving you the recommended tools and post retreat options for the continuation of your journey.  Book your 1:1 online integration/ post retreat check in. Interested students are guided to safely work with Iboga. Our Iboga mircodosing program includes all the details you need to move forward with Iboga. We are honored to be a part of your soul's journey. Thank you!


Our Modern Ancient Method ™ is set within a practical coaching framework, and effectively combines healing and creation techniques to support you to:

Identify and re-wire limiting belief systems, negative thought patterns and behavior

Experience sacred medicine in a safe, legal, compassionate and integrative environment, including integration program option for fully guided Iboga micro-dosing 

Experience yoga inclusive of asana (posture), pranayama (breathwork), dhyana (meditation)

Understand heart based and authentic living principles

Discover a connection to your true divine nature

Experience deep healing in the emotional, physical and cellular bodies 

Understand your life’s potential and creative ability

Develop your self healing and intuitive abilities

Understand Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle practices including how the five great elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) operate in and around you

Take responsibility for your personal development and holistically identify key growth opportunities


Explore dimensions of yourself and the universe as you discover a healthier way of being. Find your divinity and re-connect with the truth of your heart. Reveal subconscious, repressed and forgotten feelings, memories and much more with this program. Ayahuasca supports you to heal the mind, body and soul to revitalize your life; illuminating unhealthy patterns and boldly opening your heart to the wisdom of unconditional love.


The duration of our DIVINE SPARK retreat is 8 days and 7 nights. We provide clean, comfortable and modern accommodations as well as modern showers and bathrooms. The schedule is designed to allow for ceremonies, plant medicine baths, other alternative treatments, group classes, one to one sessions, activities and time to yourself so you can process your insights. Refer to our program details above for all specific inclusions.  On retreat you will have a private room to be in your own space when you need it and fresh/organic vegan meals and beverages to support your process. We keep our group retreats small, no more than 10 students per retreat. This enables us to give each student our full attention and support. We include pick up on arrival from the airport and transfer to our retreat center.  On the last day of your program, following our retreat closing sessions, there will be options to buy Ayahuasca artisanry. After lunch we  provide drop off to a modern hotel room with wifi access in Iquitos city center, which is included in your retreat package.  Please refer to our FAQs to find out how to prepare, what to bring, flight information and other common questions.  For further questions, please use the contact form on this website.  While we do our best to maintain the schedule as presented please note that we reserve the right to make changes without notice based on the needs of the group or because of unforeseen circumstances.

Hola! Welcome to the Amazon! Your first day includes: - Airport pick up and transfer to our retreat center.  - Food and beverage post arrival.  - Preparation and introduction to the program including group synergy, opening ceremony, induction and Q&A. - First 1:1 session to connect with your assigned mentor and discuss your goals. ​On your first day we retire early so you receive a good night's rest to support your upcoming activities, including sacred medicine journeys.

Sacred medicine ceremonies and other plant healing and energy cleansing treatments will take place on days 2, 3, 5 & 6. Excursion takes place on day 4. Day 7 is specifically designed to expand on the ongoing holistic coaching and integration. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on days where there are no sacred medicine ceremonies. Food and beverage are light on ceremony days.  Your mentor and the healing team provides emotional support throughout your experience.

Today starts with your final yoga and Ayurvedic morning routine, followed by your closeout 1:1 session with your mentor.  After breakfast, we will provide integration options including a dedicated session on continuing your journey with our Iboga microdosing program.  Following lunch and our last group meeting, there will be the opportunity to purchase Ayahuasca artisanry. Drop off is to a hotel in the city center. Thank you for choosing Modern Ancient Sanctuary!

Always included

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Sun Jan 14 - Sun Jan 21

Tue Feb 13 - Tue Feb 20

Thu Mar 14 - Thu Mar 21

Fri Apr 5 - Fri Apr 12

Sun May 5 - Sun May 12

Tue June 4 - Tue June 11


Nestled in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, mother to many sacred healing medicines, our beautiful sanctuary is modern, peaceful and perfectly set in nature. The ceremonial space (maloka) is an exquisite destination unto itself with a traditional roof, white tiled flooring and four grand entrances. This beautiful setting is the ideal place to heal and awaken the divine within. 

Our charming rooms effortlessly receive healing views and energy from the rainforest, and directly face the stunning sacred ceremonial space. Modern comfort infused with ancient wisdom awaits you, making this your home away from home.

Private Ensuite Room

Set in its own space, the cosy private tambo features a fully tiled modern bathroom and single bed. It is located by the lounge area with sweeping views over the deep jungle on the remaining hectares. Investment: $4,200.

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 12.08.29 PM.png

Private Room

Located on two levels, these private rooms are for single occupancy with shared modern bathrooms. Kitchenettes are placed between the rooms for use by all students. In addition, there is a disabled toilet and shower facility. The maloka includes six modern toilet stalls and two sinks. Investment: $3,500.

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 12.08.44 PM.png


Our screening and booking process comprises the following three steps: ​ 1. Book your personal 1:1 session: Choose an available date and time from the online scheduler  (video conferencing) prior to your retreat start date and complete prescreening. The earlier the date, the more time you will have to prepare! ​ 2. Checkout: Submit your booking request for your retreat program date and room type to reserve your place. You must complete checkout (i.e. click 'Place Order') after you confirm your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details. 3. Submit payment: We will review your details, approve your place and send you an email link for payment within 24 hours to successfully complete your booking. Your booking is not confirmed until payment is received. Due to the high level of personalization and limited spaces, payment is required within 24 hours after the payment link is sent.  Please read our booking process and the information further below to check if you are eligible to book this retreat. If you are not contraindicated per the pre-screening list below, you may proceed with the booking process once you know your desired retreat date option (listed on this page immediately above and also displayed during check out). We recommend booking a retreat at least one month in advance. Following successful completion of the booking process outlined immediately above, we provide all relevant preparation materials and later gather your flight details.​ Congratulations on taking a significant step to move closer to your true divine nature! The more you prepare for your retreat the better!


For your own safety and the safety of others, we are not able to offer sacred medicine retreats to people with certain contraindications.





People under 18 years of age

People diagnosed with serious psychiatric disorders including bipolar disorder who take antipsychotic medication

People taking prescription medication who are not able to stop their medication for 3 weeks prior to their program start date

Pacemaker users, suffers of serious heart conditions (including heart disease, strong heart murmurs or strong arrhythmias)

People who have experienced heart attacks

People suffering from vertigo, chronic fainting or emphysema

People with sexually transmitted infections who are in breakout phase

Carriers of any potentially contagious diseases which may pose a risk to others

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Wow! I don't know where to start or if words can explain but I'll try. I feel my soul, my ancestors, my pain and my power to create more than what I am sitting in now. I had special visions and visits from my deceased family members with so much love and acceptance. The place is fantastic in the jungle. A stellar team, on point with the holistic education, very grounded and easy to talk to - really like my soul family. I'll never forget my time here at Modern Ancient, and I feel that Cara and Suya's light will always be with me. Thank you everyone, I am truly grateful and can't wait to come again next year.


- Will G, Berlin.


Read our FAQs and want to know more? Learn about our retreat programs and how they can support you by attending a free weekly live Q&A session with one of our team members to get to know us, what we offer and ask any questions you may have about our retreat programs.


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