Our Trinity Program© brings awareness, through education and
experience, between the physical realm (body, life events and
circumstances) and the condition of the subtle body.

The Trinity program (C) offers a practical convergence of mind, body and spirit. All participants of a Modern Ancient program are defined as ‘students’ rather than simply ‘guests’. Our key objectives are to (i) provide an educational personal development space which contextualizes the on retreat experience and (i) focus on the importance of holistic living to achieve a state of sustainable health. Ultimately, personal growth requires us to learn, to be a student of life and our experiences by navigating and balancing the processes within and outside of ourselves.

What does it include?

The Trinity Program© curriculum consists of past, present and continuously evolving educational and other material, specially designed workshops, yoga (asana -posture, dhyana –meditation, pranayama -breathwork) and sacred plant medicine as methods to facilitate healing, change and connection with higher consciousness. We support you to develop  your intuitive ability and to lead a purpose driven life.

Chakra system

The course is designed to be practical by teaching, coaching and engaging students on, ‘how to’ achieve desired outcomes (and as we have seen, many incredible unsuspecting and unintended outcomes too!) as well as balance and wholeness for one’s entire being.

Examples of ‘how to’ include: how to let go of past conditioning, how to create new thought patterns and belief systems (which lead to new behaviors), how to forgive oneself and others, how to take full responsibility and reclaim one’s power, how to let go of judgment of oneself and others and most importantly, how to identify and create a self loving mindset and habits.

Based on the principles of bio-energy and quantum physics, an individual is able to heal physical, emotional and mental ailments, achieve a state of balance and create their desired intentions by demonstrating such ‘how to’ examples through their thoughts, feelings and actions. There are various tools and methods that one can use to greatly assist, understand and accelerate their healing and manifest desired outcomes, and we use such tools to work through students’ bioenergetic sphere in a transparent way.




We provide different levels and types of meditative experiences, educational material in a classroom style format and dynamic workshops to ground students’ understanding of the theory. The scope of the educational program includes a wide range of subjects that allow students’ to identify psychological, emotional and behavioral patterns which limit their belief and ability to a manifest a healthier life.

Our workshops and exercises are targeted to teach our students how to consciously address and release these patterns through physical, emotional and spiritual activities. This enables our students to perform a real-world gap assessment of their current lifestyle, and to truly understand the importance and impact of integrative health practices.

To assist with comprehension of sacred medicine experiences, and also as our students come from different levels and depths of understanding metaphysics, we further teach and discuss the fundamentals of spiritual law, with workshops delivered where determined.

Yoga consists of much more than physical activity, specifically it comprises 8 limbs (Ashtanga), and asana (posture) is the most commonly known in the west. Our asana practices are designed to support the medicine experiences.

In addition, we use pranayama (life force extension, breathwork) techniques, as another component of the 8 limbs to assist with healing and energizing the body. Dhyana in the 8 limbs is known as meditation, and we use a variety of practices to bring the body into focus with the mind and spirit. It is paramount, given the intense shamanic work performed on retreat, that the opportunity for movement of and focus on the body occurs to assist with the energetic and emotional work undertaken. Further, our workshops and fun! group games allow our students to self diagnose and embed their understanding of the theory.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity to mentally and emotionally engage students’ understanding through exercises designed to identify where in their life the energy may be unable to flow freely. In this way, students are able to learn about their body from a holistic perspective and use their insights as a tool to manage and create change, by relating to the mental, emotional and energetic drivers of physical sensations, limitations and expansions.

The daily lifestyle we create for our students on retreat is practical and accessible and therefore can be replicated at home as part of the post retreat integration process.

Yogic practices

We use sacred plant medicine as a catalyst to bring deeply rooted unconscious beliefs, thoughts and behaviors into conscious focus, and drive powerful change. In spiritual terms, this may occur as a an experience of unconditional love where duality is removed to allow for a unified connection to all of creation. It is also very common for healing to occur in the bioenergetic sphere which leads to a release of past trauma, (and subsequently can lead to physical removal of dis-ease).  We use a carefully selected combination of the following sacred medicines: Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Iboga, as part of our Trinity Program© to support and sustain an individual’s process. Listed below are just a few of the benefits which have been experienced by those participating in a combination of the three sacred medicines as well as the Trinity Program©:

– Deep Healing
– Clearing of bio-energetic sphere and past traumas
– Removal and/ or significant reduction in health conditions*
– Spiritual cleansing e.g. past life situations
– Identification and re-wiring of limiting belief systems
– Identification and re-wiring of self-destructive patterns
– Personal transformation and raising of life state to manifest desired outcomes

*NOTE: this is also dependent on an individual’s willingness to re-wire belief systems, lifestyle and nutrition, that create dis-ease in the body. We work with you to embrace new and healthy thought patterns and behaviors to bring about a lasting state of well-being.

  • Modern Ancient was a very different experience than my previous ceremonies, mainly because of the thorough preparation and the education about what’s happening to you on all levels. I love the group sharing, care and love they facilitated between us all. My experience with Iboga which was a new medicine for me, was incredible - more like a lifetime of therapy in one night! This also could have been because I ‘navigated’ in the way they advised us and undertook all preparation sent. I took bio-energy sessions for three months for my post integration and I would really recommend that for anyone because it was also like a deeper level of life coaching. I finally have more income and at the same time discovering my purpose in this lifetime with your loving support.
    TL, 35
    Designer - London, UK
  • I am blessed to have been looked after by such beautiful people and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This is a very professional, knowledgeable, compassion and down to earth team, and it was obvious even from the decision following my one on one conversation to do more iboga and less ayahuasca (they explained the chakras to me and because of my energetic body and life issues I have going on) right through to the integration and coaching I had before and after ceremony. The attention to detail, small group and personalization is phenomenal, I felt so supported by everyone. I hope that they will continue with this level of quality as they grow and formalize the center in Peru because they will no doubt be the place of choice for this type of work. Also I had never been so interested in yoga before and now I am hooked on Kundalini and already feeling grounded into my physical body.
    LA, 32
    Accountant - New York, US
  • If you are not sure about Modern Ancient, call them and ask every question under the sun - like I did! and you will feel by speaking to them that they really care about you and what’s going on in your life. I feel a lot more confident in my spiritual path, and it was very refreshing to have this all explained to me in quite simple terms. The pain I had along my left leg and hamstring which came and went over the past few years has since disappeared and hasn’t returned! Also I was able to make the connection with the things I need to change to move forward. I’m happy I took this jump - thank you to Modern Ancient for making this an unforgettable experience.
    JT, 28
    Project Manager - New Jersey, US