The calling can be described as a curiosity or attraction to self discovery which may
involve, but is not limited to, healing arts related areas or methods of personal
growth such as meditation, hypnotherapy, counseling, quantum physics, bio-energy,
higher states of consciousness, yoga, self-help, healing and development materials
and sacred plant medicine.

Many of us, for the most part of our lives, may have been bound by linear thinking and conditioned thought patterns; whether that be through cultural expectations, societal norms or past experiences. We’ve made decisions which are logical and rational yet failed to authentically align with our hearts. Perhaps we are now fed up of living this way and are ready to change from the inside out; to create a new life and reality, or simply to form a deeper connection with ourselves. Therefore some may feel a calling to understand who we truly are and what we can do to create a healthier and happier life.



From a spiritual perspective, the calling is from your higher-self to step onto your higher destiny path and may occur when one has reached a stage, usually through life experience, to receive and respond to the call.

The higher destiny path evolves through different stages and can be reflected as positive changes in one’s thought patterns, behavior, lifestyle habits (such as diet and physical activity) and past conditioning.

For example, one that would usually respond aggressively, self defensively or by taking the behavior of others personally is able to develop a sense of unattachment while maintaining compassion, and perhaps being more calm in their overall demeanor. To the contrary, one who is less vocal and does not express their true feelings, for example, those who may remain quiet to keep the peace will start vocally, and otherwise, standing up for themselves more.

Addictions to smoking, alcohol and food move into a more balanced state so one is acutely aware of their habits and takes corrective action and ultimately control of their behavior. Significantly, a new level of awareness develops, including taking responsibility for one’s own actions, genuinely being able to apologize, consciously treating others as they wish to be treated and much more.

Ascension symptoms, signs and coincidences are more noticeable and occur with greater frequently when one starts the journey on their higher destiny path. A genuine and conscious relationship with the beloved and much need ego is created and maintained.

One is said to be called to sacred plant medicine, which may be described as almost a fast track step to blow open your heart and mind to a different reality – and perhaps much needed change and creativity.

Modern Ancient provides a safe, legal, compassionate and educational space to address past conditioning and heal by awakening to a higher-self within. Working with, and surrendering to, one's higher-self provides the best route for an individual to align with love, peace and truth; effectively raising a student's life state for the better. The higher-self assists with consciously recognizing and taking responsibility for re-wiring thoughts, beliefs systems and feelings which operate from a place of fear, pain, lack and limitation, and which no longer serve one's wellbeing. The magnitude, depth and speed of healing achievable when safely and responsibly working with sacred plant medicine is truly a gift to clear and create the space needed for a balanced life state.

Modern Ancient works with students' to surrender to an inner power and higher self. We support navigation and alignment of the spheres of mind, body and spirit through education and training during our Trinity Program©. Our holistic health framework includes integrating non-linear experiences into everyday life as a significant and practical part of one's return to the modern world. We provide education and workshops including understanding key energy centers as a diagnostic framework for mental, physical and emotional health. Key to the Trinity Program © is facilitation of one's awareness that they have the power within to heal, co-create with their higher-self and the universe. The dedicated team at Modern Ancient is simply here to serve as a reminder!

We have carefully designed our retreat framework to cater to you wherever you are on your personal journey, working to transform you from that caterpillar to butterfly by combining sacred medicine with modern methods so you may move forward with love, inspiration, courage, strength and passion. Join us at Modern Ancient as we work with you to make the journey your home!


Every living creature has a Higher-Self and every Higher-Self consists of a group of souls and soul extensions. It may be easier to understand this concept by visualizing a Higher-Self as a round ball of golden light that emits different strands or cords. On the end of each cord is the soul and then a soul extension of a human, therefore the prana (life-force) for the souls is provided via the Higher-Self. Higher-Self group members may or may not necessarily be family members, for they can consist of friends and seeming ‘enemies’. Your Higher-Self is the balanced version of male and female energies, vibrates at an incredibly high state and radiates pure unconditional love.

Your Higher-Self is your true self, as well as being your male and female parent, your best friend, your best teacher and your best healer. Your-Higher-Self is your gateway to the divine within and is always with you, available to guide and help you with whatever you need. However because of free will we must choose to actively engage and communicate with this divine power within us rather than wait for it to someday show up.

The definition of ‘Karma’ can be traced back to Hinduism and Buddhism and refers to the consequence of one’s actions both in this and previous lifetimes. Therefore karma can be both positive and not so positive, is created by the free will that we have to choose our actions and exists so we may have the opportunity to raise our consciousness. Every thought, feeling and action attracts karma into the soul evolution of a living being. Karma is a great teacher and a necessary component in the process of evolution. As one begins to move onward and upward onto their higher vibrational destiny path, karma becomes more apparent. This is because the more conscious one becomes i.e. they know better, the more that this is reflected in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors so their level of consciousness is visibly and authentically supported. If we are not able to act and behave in a way that is aligned to our level of consciousness, we find that life provides lessons and situations to teach and illustrate to us why that way of being no longer serves our highest good or that of others.

The energies of cause and effect are always in play. Energetically speaking, obtaining balance may be achieved through the chakra system, which can be used as a diagnostic framework for mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. There exists a chakra system within you and all living beings and generally speaking, it is in one or more of these seven main energy centers within the chakra system that energetic imprints of thoughts, feelings and actions are stored. The state of one’s chakra system is a direct correlation to the situations and events in one’s external environment, therefore what one is carrying energetically within via their thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors manifests in their physical reality.

To change our lives, and negative behavior and thought patterns, we must change our energetic footprint. To change our energy we must become conscious of our mental, emotional and other patterns. To become conscious of our patterns we must wake up on the inside. To wake up on the inside we must tune into our heart energy, to our emotions – as emotion is simply energy in motion. From here, we can begin to identify the root causes of our repetitive behavior, cycles and patterns, to move away from a linear and limited Newtonian mindset, leaving behind past actions and old energy as we embrace a new Quantum, unlimited, reality and way of being. In this way, we can steadily change our ‘karma’.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” Shakespeare’s entire poem itself can be used as symbolism for reincarnation, the seven levels of soul age and the eternity of our consciousness; men and women are portrayed as players (souls) whereas life is portrayed as the stage, all the people living in it are mere players or characters playing their allotted roles (agreed life plan). Everyone enters the stage by different routes (karma and soul evolution ) and leaves through different exits (dying with a different level of consciousness).

Shakespeare suggests that man’s ability to change is one of his strengths and many of the characters in the play have physical, emotional, political or spiritual changes. The speech is also a cautionary tale about living your entire life in thought, over thinking everything to specificity, and the burden of misery this shoulders on one’s character. In a spiritual sense life can be referred to as a game, the tests and challenges our soul signed up for and must face and overcome are part of our soul evolution in seven stages to attain higher consciousness though our behaviors, thoughts, words and deeds before exiting (dying) and eventually returning to the stage (life again through reincarnation) for a different play (life plan) and experiences (role). Our soul may experience each of the seven ages more than once before being able to move onto a higher level of consciousness and new soul stage (age).

The ego is a biological and spiritual tool that was created by and defends the belief that we are all separate individual entities. The ego perceives life through the lens of duality, it is the division of life into opposing forces. The ego is comprised of individual characteristics of your identity. The ego death is not the death of the ego, rather the end of the ego’s control over your being. Ego death is the loss of the sense of self, of overcoming the resistance to surrendering to the process of spiritual awakening or spiritual ascension. Everything that you know to be known in the material world fades away, particularly the separation we create through social status, wealth, religion, lifestyle or any other belief or actions that serves duality with another human being and the planet itself. It is the death of your old way of living and essentially an experience of embodying your True Divine Nature completely.

Ego death is a natural part of psychedelics. Popular psychedelics that have been purported to cause ego death experiences include psilocybin, LSD, DMT, and Ayahuasca.

This is a term used by those who experience a spiritual orgasm by connecting with a profound and higher state of love which is not generally stimulated by an external source i.e. an emotional bond with a partner, sexual intercourse or masturbation. This state can be reached through everyday activities, such as watching a sunset or being in nature as well as by those who have experienced plant medicine, extended periods of fasting or deep meditation, where these experiences commonly report such feelings of pure love from deep within, ecstasy and complete wholeness.

Vibrational Frequency is defined as the rate at which the atoms and sub-particles of a being or object vibrate. You are energy vibrating in a universe made up of vibrating particles. The higher this vibrational frequency is, the closer it is to the frequency of light. Each word we speak and thought we think sends out a vibration that attracts to it an experience of like vibration. Disease and illness have heavy vibrations which block the flow of the vital life-force, known as Prana. If we send out fear, we attract fear. If we send out love we attract love. When we stay centered and calm we sustain a high vibration, facilitate connection to our higher-self and are empowered.

The cellular level is the level of cells, the most basic structural units of the human body. Each cell is a conscious, living, breathing, sentient being. Our life experiences are stored in the cells of our body. Anytime you hold onto a negative thought or emotion, it is automatically buried in the cells. These can originate from a trauma, memory, unwanted pattern, or deeply held personal belief. Stored within the cellular memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviors. These unproductive patterns weaken our ability to be happy and even affects our physical health. When mind, body, spirit, and emotion are transformed at the cellular level, a platform for complete healing and wholeness is provided.

Your higher destiny path is your longing for purpose, the drive to be and to become who you are meant to be. This path is about recognizing your own gifts and using them to contribute to the world. It is the greatest and the most valuable contribution to humanity and the mode of conduct most conducive to spiritual advancement, the right and righteous path. Your higher destiny path consists of all that an individual undertakes in harmony with divine expectations and his own inner spiritual aspirations, actions that create order and harmony within himself and in the environment in which he lives.

Throughout history, a mystical experience has been referred to as a religious or spiritual experience. Mysticism is usually defined as making contact with the divine. Mystical experiences tend to be experiences felt or experienced beyond the realms of ordinary consciousness. A mystical event is a personal experience during which one feels as though one has been touched by some higher or greater truth or power. Many things can produce mystical experiences such as dreams, music, fasting, chanting, dancing, breath control, yoga, meditation, psychedelics or a near-death experience.

We are all born with an unscathed and powerful connection to universal love, and somewhere along the way, through our life experiences, we may lose that connection and move further away from the love and power within ourselves. When suffering and dissatisfaction in the human experience wears us down we seek to bring ourselves back into alignment with our core self. As we perform inner enrichment activities to revert to a state of wholeness, we find that we can be our own best friend, teacher and healer in the process. We are, in essence, a wounded healer who begins to understand that we must first heal and love ourselves before we can truly love and heal others.

  • Modern Ancient was a very different experience than my previous ceremonies, mainly because of the thorough preparation and the education about what’s happening to you on all levels. I love the group sharing, care and love they facilitated between us all. My experience with Iboga which was a new medicine for me, was incredible - more like a lifetime of therapy in one night! This also could have been because I ‘navigated’ in the way they advised us and undertook all preparation sent. I took bio-energy sessions for three months for my post integration and I would really recommend that for anyone because it was also like a deeper level of life coaching. I finally have more income and at the same time discovering my purpose in this lifetime with your loving support.
    TL, 35
    Designer - London, UK
  • I am blessed to have been looked after by such beautiful people and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This is a very professional, knowledgeable, compassion and down to earth team, and it was obvious even from the decision following my one on one conversation to do more iboga and less ayahuasca (they explained the chakras to me and because of my energetic body and life issues I have going on) right through to the integration and coaching I had before and after ceremony. The attention to detail, small group and personalization is phenomenal, I felt so supported by everyone. I hope that they will continue with this level of quality as they grow and formalize the center in Peru because they will no doubt be the place of choice for this type of work. Also I had never been so interested in yoga before and now I am hooked on Kundalini and already feeling grounded into my physical body.
    LA, 32
    Accountant - New York, US
  • If you are not sure about Modern Ancient, call them and ask every question under the sun - like I did! and you will feel by speaking to them that they really care about you and what’s going on in your life. I feel a lot more confident in my spiritual path, and it was very refreshing to have this all explained to me in quite simple terms. The pain I had along my left leg and hamstring which came and went over the past few years has since disappeared and hasn’t returned! Also I was able to make the connection with the things I need to change to move forward. I’m happy I took this jump - thank you to Modern Ancient for making this an unforgettable experience.
    JT, 28
    Project Manager - New Jersey, US