Finding herself in a complicated love triangle and experiencing a barrage of destabilizing emotional currents, Thalia felt a calling to sacred medicine, partaking in her first Ayahuasca, Kambo and Iboga ceremonies with Modern Ancient. Her journey with the medicine revealed deep-seated unconscious patterns and firmly rooted beliefs which, as shown to her in no uncertain terms by the medicine, were key contributors to her then relationship challenges. Thalia still remains in awe at the speed with which her situation and life began to change, stripping out the people and circumstances which no longer served and supported her new desire to live authentically.

Her interest and experience in higher consciousness have since expanded and Thalia recognizes the power in the plants as a catalyst for soul expansion, including to reach a state of mental and emotional harmony for oneself and others. She feels empowered by her experience and seeks to support and facilitate the inner work of others. Thalia continues to learn about sacred medicine and bioenergy while spending time with her young son and developing her photography skills.

Thalia received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Peruvian Scientific University and has spent close to a decade assisting in the development of key business objectives across the insurance, financial and telecommunications industries.