Neshani’s deep compassion and care for others from an early age drove her professional pursuit as a registered nurse. In addition to treating patients’ physical symptoms, she is passionate about ensuring the emotional needs of her patients are also considered, including to support the relief of stressors on the body. Treating others with respect, kindness and love has always given her great joy and a sense of purpose.

Over the years, working in a large London hospital, Neshani was taught to treat her patients’ difficulties with numerous pharmaceutical medications. She recognizes that this approach has created a dependency on synthetic drugs to improve well-being despite the toxic and harmful side-effects. This uneasiness resulted in her exploration of holistic health.

Neshani was brought up in a traditional Sri-Lankan family where holistic and Ayurveda medicine was commonly practiced; there was always a natural home remedy available as a substitute for modern day pharmaceutical drugs. The origin of these home remedies were always a source of curiosity and became the primary starting point for her research. Fast forward to many years later and Neshani’s journey led her to her first Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Iboga ceremonies with Modern Ancient. As part of her integration process she undertook several bio energy sessions, the effects of which stunned her as it initially caused an equal amount of physical purging as sacred plant medicine!

Partaking in these sessions not only helped Neshani to apply a practical understanding behind all her background reading but also provided profound insights into sacred plant medicine and her subtle body via the chakra system. Neshani continues to excitedly learn about how these modalities can help her own and others’ personal development.

Neshani obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and over the past decade has specialized in both Surgery and Anaesthesia.