Moses’s journey with astrology began in utero while his mother was studying the subject. One fateful day while he was a teenager, his mother told him some things about his chart that … well, freaked him out. He decided to study the subject and prove to himself that it doesn’t work (he has now been a professional astrologer for 25 years).

He became fascinated by the subject of locational astrology (astrocartography) by the late 90s, and eventually employed it, moving to Maui, the place where Venus was rising at his birth, at a carefully chosen time. He’d hoped to find an auspicious time to begin a new life and meet his wife. She literally danced into his life at the Heart Dance Studio later that night, and their love spanned nearly two decades and produced three wonderful children.

His astrological career led him to become the first president of the Association for Young Astrologers in 2003. He organized two beloved incarnations of The Blast Astrology Conference in Sedona in 2006 and 2007, with a 2020 conference in the planning stages. He has worked with flower essences for 20 years. His epic novels are steeped in mythology and astrological themes, and he enjoys being a trained massage therapist. He has perhaps become the world’s most in-demand locational astrologer, helping people relocate, travel, and understand the impact of location.

Moses’s work combines the ancient, auspicious richness of the Vedic astrological tradition, as well as many essential ancient Western astrological concepts, with a modern astro-psychological sensibility and penetrating insight into the impact of one’s location. His work is honest, but compassionate; detailed, without missing sight of the larger picture; deep, but approachable. He calls his passionate approach Holistic Astrology. In his spare time, he prefers to hang out with kids and play.