Transformation within Lazo began during the typical university student lifestyle of partying, abundant alcohol and terrible nutrition. Beneath his depleting physicality, lay great despondency concerning his parents’ separation and direction of life. He believed his body was the only aspect left to influence.

Lazo was first recognized in 2004 for his bodywork by winning a national 12-week body transformation fitness contest, allowing him to truly embody the ancient Greek philosophy: to strengthen the body is to strengthen the mind. During his 15 year career as a fitness professional, Lazo has fallen deeply in love with studying human behavior, positive psychology and nutrition to transform thousands of people’s bodies and lives, working with high profile individuals and earning London’s top spot for fitness training. His first business, an academy for fitness instructors, won the best innovation by the UK government.

Lazo recognizes that transformation is incomplete without the science of the soul. For the past five years, Lazo has studied with talented and recognized teachers of energy medicine. He runs large workshops and courses to train healers and support people to release unhealthy behavioral patterns and emotions so they may awaken to their unique soul purpose. Lazo’s profound experiences with sacred medicine continue to support his personal journey.

Lazo received his BEng in Biochemical Engineering from University College London. He is a Dr. Demartini Facilitator, Dr. Joe Dispenza Piloteer, Wim Hof Master Trainer and Kundalini Yoga Instructor. He is further certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Training for Warriors and as a Shamanic Energy Worker. Lazo is the recipient of the Body For Life Grand Champion (2004), 1st Place UK Mr Perfect Bodybuilding (2006), 1st Place Miami Super Body Universe (2007), 1st ASPTC Health and Fitness Coach (2012) and 1st UKactive Place Best Innovation Health and Fitness (2015).