Born and raised in a traditional Shipibo community near the small town of Atalaya, deep in the heart of the rainforests of Peru, Isabel began her training at just five years old under the guidance of her father and grandfather, both accomplished ‘Curanderos’ and part of a long ancestral line of traditional Shamanic healers through many generations.

By the time Isabel had reached her teenage years she had already developed the significant experience of working with Ayahuasca. She honed her healing talents through twelve years of rigorous ‘dieting’ with countless master plants and trees. Six of those years were spent deep in the jungle in seclusion starting at the early age of twelve years old.

To partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony under Isabel’s guidance is a magical experience, filled with maternal love, deep healing and enchanting ‘Icaros’ (healing songs) which she translates into stunning visual art through her beautiful patterned and embroidered textiles. Isabel performs the healing work with the aid of her plant spirit ‘allies’ and also benevolent ‘chullachaquis’, mysterious forest-dwelling spirits, infamous throughout the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Isabel is skilled at preparing specific ‘flower/plant baths’ that are individually tailored to cleanse a patient’s energy, especially if one is suffering from depression or debilitating and negative emotional states. Plant ‘diets’ are also available under her guidance whether for just a week or two, or more serious diets that can continue for months or even years.

Isabel is a Shipibo Maestra and has been practicing healing work using medicinal plants, with a focus on Ayahuasca, for the past 40 years.