Emma stumbled upon astrology after a career in law, her background being a barrister in London and a New York attorney working in the US. It was thereafter the birth of her first child, that she discovered astrology.

At first she was completely unaware of what the study encompassed, knowing only what most people know , sun signs and reading the columns that pertain to them in magazines and online. After providing her time, date and location of birth to the Astrologer he outlined a few quick facts about her life. She was stunned and completely unsure of how he knew that information. Ever since then she has been hooked, never spending a day without it, broadening her horizons and learning lots about this ancient study and how it affects people’s lives in multiple ways. She has been fortunate enough to take lessons under the guidance of Rick Levine and Moses Siregar III, as well as at the London School of Astrology.

Since reading for clients, it never ceases to amaze her how the planetary cycles coincide with events in people’s lives and how the energies point them to their higher destiny path and personality ideals as well as understanding how to work with life’s challenges and triumphs. The advantage of being aware of transits is that one is armed with the knowledge to work with them to achieve the best from any situation.

Emma is particularly interested in location astrology; how the energy of a place in the world you visit or live can affect your life. The same one place feels different for everyone and our energy is what draws us to or away from certain places. Emma is also focused on providing people with the tools from their birth chart so that they may carve out a career in which they are fulfilled.