Ama-ra liquidated her business in London, U.K to move to the Amazon rainforest in Peru to pursue her calling in shamanic development. Through ceremonial experiences she continues to glean much wisdom from sacred medicine, which has been her teacher guiding her on her journey to support others in reaching their higher destiny path as well as her own where the latter included the responsibility and challenge to physically direct construction of the Modern Ancient home – a super stretch assignment for any development plan!

Ama-ra trained with, and was initiated by, the Peruvian Shipibo tribe and has held ceremonies in Peru and aboard using a variety of plant medicines as she metaphysically assesses students to determine the best type of medicine for their overall wellbeing. Her experience of being able to effectively tailor the medicinal plants and doses of such has driven the Modern Ancient ceremonial approach and remains the guiding principle on retreat to ensure each student’s need is not overlooked in a one size fits all standard. Her teachings and guidance to students on unconditional love, compassion, taking full responsibility and forgiveness have been particularly effective in emotionally navigating post ceremonial states of discomfort.

An intense traditional and disciplined eastern upbringing from an early age provided Ama-ra with strong spiritual foundations and subsequently the ability to discern religious from spiritual practice in a way that authentically and peacefully serves reaching higher consciousness and love. Ama-ra continues to study various sacred medicines, taking advantage of the plants available in the Amazon, and her personal self-development practice includes pursuing out of body experiences, working with hypnotherapy, binaural beats, oxygen and crystal therapy and much more.

Ama-ra cut her teeth with her first entrepreneurial venture at 16 years old selling homemade sandwiches in London’s Liverpool Street station, before eventually finding success managing her own real estate firm where she oversaw corporate short term leases within the firm’s rental portfolio.