After the birth of her second child Kerry became a full time mother to her two children and struggled to return to a working life which financially supported her basic needs. She took ad hoc shifts as a carer at a nursing home a few times a week to make just enough money to live on. While Kerry’s financial situation had been strained for almost three years, she maintained a positive outlook on life and took on her challenges with discipline and faith in better things ahead.

Despite many years of working with manifestation and the law of attraction, Kerry often wondered why she continued to experience financial lack despite her new ‘spiritual mindset’. She had recently and quite deliberately manifested a move to a beautiful new apartment and, since her move in date a month before, she had been feeling highly elated and happy with the result of her long standing faith practice.

One Tuesday morning Kerry was on her way out of her apartment when the postman arrived with five letters. She thanked the postman and returned to her apartment to quickly open the letters. There were three bills: an old water bill from her previous apartment for $66, a new water bill for her current apartment for $181 and an old electricity bill from her previous apartment for $150. Kerry hadn’t expected them to be that high - especially her new water bill. In that moment, she panicked - how was she going to find an extra $397 this month? She had just spent her latest earnings and savings on furnishing her new apartment.

She continued to open the remaining two letters with great trepidation. To her amazement she had received a refund from her old landlord for taking too much out of her deposit for $370 and a check from her old internet supplier for overcharging her by $23. In total she had been refunded $393 - which offset all her bills shy of just $4!

Kerry remembers standing there for a few minutes, with all five letters in her hand, in a state of shock and gratitude. She recalls that it took her a few days to digest what had happened, especially with the letters arriving at the same time along with the order in which she opened it. It felt like she was watching a movie, or listening to someone else’s story about how miracles can happen everyday. Kerry says, ‘I’ve never had something so serendipitous happen to me so quickly and gracefully - it just goes to show that divine orchestration can happen to anyone who maintains a consistent and positive flow of energy toward life”.

Have you been touched by serendipity? When we stay in the heart of life and cultivate loving and positive emotions as a lifestyle, it’s easier for beneficial things to find us even though we may not have been looking for them. Such events can be interpreted as quite magical and bestowed upon us by a greater force, luck or chance - you decide!

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*Names and identifying details have been changed in some stories to protect the privacy of individuals featured. 

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