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Make a contract with teacher plants.

Plant dietas at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru

A ‘dieta‘ is a plant diet that is followed to obtain deep soul healing, awaken a higher level of consciousness, and obtain support and balance in life. It is usually performed alongside Ayahuasca ceremonies and results in profound healing, deeper connection to the spirit world and an increased ability to live one’s best life – or higher destiny path. 


Different plant dietas have different benefits and a plant is chosen according to the benefits offered. However, you may intuitively be drawn to working with a particular plant. The minimum amount of time required to complete a plant diet is two weeks along with very strict rules and discipline.  A person can continue the plant diet for as long as they desire for more benefits.  Plant dieta's for two weeks or longer usually involve dieting one plant at a time while fasting and consuming small portions of food.  Dietas help to clear toxins out of the physical body, improves ones health and helps a person to have a smoother and deeper healing experience during sacred medicine ceremonies.   

Very short plant dietas for a few days (a mix of multiple sacred plants drunk as a 'remedy') is also very beneficial for cleansing and does not require the person to follow the very strict 'plant dieta' rules as is necessary when dieting a single sacred plant, although there are still some strict rules a person would need to follow. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Modern Ancient currently include the short 'remedy' plant dietas at our retreats.  We will continue to offer longer plant dietas after June 2024.


Shamans and ancient cultures used sacred plants in traditional settings and viewed the plants as separate entities, hence the reference to ‘plant teachers’.


The Peruvian Shipibo tribe, see the plants as entities unto themselves, and shamans sought to develop relationships with the plants to aid with healing and direction. Therefore when one starts a plant dieta with a single plant for two weeks or longer, a contract is made between the individual undertaking the plant dieta and the spirit of the plant; this is often referred to as ‘plant spirit healing’.

Plant dietas at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


When performing a plant dieta with one plant for two weeks or more, honouring the contract between the individual and the plant spirit involves actions such as: fasting from sweet, spicy, salty or rich foods, caffeine, alcohol, cosmetics, toothpaste, deodorant, insect repellent, soap, personal care products, electronics and any kind of physical contact with people (sexual as well as handshakes and hugs). Only lemon juice and water is used for bathing and brushing the teeth.


Abstaining from certain foods and activities throughout the period of the dieta is a powerful expression of discipline, dedication and commitment to the contract. If performed correctly, the spirit of the plant will honor their part of the contract and grant the individual the many benefits that result from undertaking the dieta. A common experience for those successfully undertaking the dieta is that they feel a completeness and maturity from within in a very short space of time. Usually a plant diet is performed for a minimum of two weeks and the benefits on a holistic level are truly incredible.

It is said that breaking the contract hurts the spirit of the plant and manifests in various challenges for the undertaker. This is why it is very important to perform a plant diet in a supportive environment with a traditionally trained shamanic healer; also known as a curandero/a in Peru. The proper support and energetic conditions make the diet easier to perform as the individual is in a position to receive optimum results. If the diet becomes too difficult it is possible to work with the shaman and the Ayahuasca medicine to realign with the terms of the contract.

Plant dietas at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


When you have dieted a single plant for two weeks or more and the dieta is complete, the shamanic healer releases your contract and closes the dieta.  The healer does this by performing gratitude and protection prayers to the spirit of the plant using Mapacho and Aguaflorida, as well as providing the individual with a drink of lemon and salt water.  Read about shamanic cleansing tools such as Mapacho, Aguaflorida and Palo Santo HERE.


After the dieta has been closed, you still need to refrain from eating red meat and having sexual contact for the same amount of time you were on the plant dieta.  This is called 'The post dieta period' and exists because those behaviours prevent the effective and ongoing work of the plant. Going against this advice will result in you giving away your diet to the person you have sex with as well as you feeling strange and depressed.


The post dieta period aims to continue to facilitate the spiritual connection and work of the plant within one’s bio energy field or aura. This allows a final energetic grounding for the benefits of the dieta to maintain a level of permanency. It is further recommended that the individual aims to follow as much of a vegan diet as possible, or a vegetarian or pescatarian diet during the post dieta period. The less white meat, fish, dairy and eggs consumed during this time supports the plant to support you better.

A note about red meat (pork, beef, turkey, lamb etc): Most shamanic healers in Peru do not include red meat (especially pork) in their day to day meals due to its energetic density. As everything is energy, it is therefore important to understand how what one’s eats can greatly impact their energy field and as a result, weaken and/or block connection with higher consciousness.


Read more about pork, meat and energy HERE.

Plant dietas at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru


We’ve listed two of our favorite plant spirit healing diets below along with their benefits.​

Chiric Sanango

  • A powerful diet that support one to bring focus to the present and to be the best version of themselves. Useful to aid with letting go of the past and surrendering to the highest good.

  • Greatly improves physical energy, sharpens mental focus and clarity. Removes procrastination.

  • Provides motivation and the positive mindset needed to achieve goals in your life.

  • Supports finding a voice to speak up and take action against unfair treatment.

  • Removes addictions and toxicity from one’s environment, including people and situations. This creates space to welcome in new and positive situations and people.

  • Some individuals are able to hear the spirit of the plant singing songs (icaros) so it is possible to learn them if you wish and sing in Ayahuasca ceremonies.  The spirit of the plant is communicative and guides you on important aspects for your personal growth.


  • Beautiful love energy and very healing.

  • Supports you to heal a broken heart, raises self-esteem, aligns one to self-love, love for others, animals and the planet.

  • Supports making peace with things that provide triggers, instills calmness and patience.

  • Supports issues / fears with finances, business and work.

  • Supports love for, and appreciation of, life and one’s life path.

  • Connects one to their feelings and emotions so excellent for balancing the heart chakra.

  • The spirit of the plant is communicative and guides you on important aspects of your personal growth.

Plant dietas at Modern Ancient Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru
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