Given the rise in popularity of sacred plant medicine in the west, particularly
Ayahuasca, there is often an incorrect assumption, primarily driven by lack of
proper education and information, that plant medicine is a form of recreational drugs.

While sacred plant medicine can produce visions and altered states of consciousness, they do not contain the harmful chemicals found within recreational drugs such as cocaine and heroine. Such recreational substances provide one with a temporary high, attack and destroy the serotonin and cells in the brain, create unhealthy addictions, depression and dependency along with a plethora of other adverse effects which are clearly evidenced and documented in this present day.

It is important to understand that the primary purpose and use of plant medicine by ancient cultures was spiritual and cultural, and therefore should only be pursued by those who are interested in undertaking a path of healing, personal growth and spirituality.

plant medicine and drugs' difference

Attempting to use the medicine for a temporary high or as a substitute for a recreational drug experience may lead to mental health issues, confusion and depression. Those that are not educated on, and prepared for such an experience will be unable to cope with, and perhaps unwilling to embrace, the profound self reflection presented during the experience. They may not be seeking to remove past trauma, re-wire limited beliefs and embrace the change and emotional currents which accompany such growth.

A deep curiosity and attraction to the sacred plant medicine experience is best supported by understanding the ancient roots of the medicine, including respecting the beliefs and traditions of the indigenous cultures that are inherently spiritual in nature. Note that shamans and ancient cultures used sacred plants in traditional settings which viewed the plants as separate entities, hence the reference to ‘plant teachers’.


Modern Ancient provides education on retreat through its Trinity Program© which includes workshops to integrate and understand such a profound experience. We therefore do not recommend the use of sacred plant medicine unless an individual is prepared to accept that they may undergo a powerful transformation for which they must take responsibility. We recognize that taking sacred plant medicine alone without support or education does not allow one to fully understand and embrace the changes occurring within, which has led to some negative experiences. Given the non-linear experience, proper preparation by the individual (along with holistic activities, a spiritual perspective, compassionate and non-judgmental integration support/life coaching) is paramount to a successful and life changing experience.

Ayahuasca, as the most commonly known medicine with a continuously growing reputation in the west, has been touted to produce ’10 years of therapy in one night’ and its benefits are widely reported by those who have experienced such healing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The plants are referred to as ‘sacred’ because when consumed, one can be propelled into a state where they experience a dimension beyond their known reality. Some also feel a pure and unmistakable connection to divine love where it is then possible for them to start healing on many levels, sometimes by initially purging (physically releasing trauma and dis-ease from their bio-energetic sphere). Sacred plant medicine is grown naturally without harmful chemicals. It is a fantastic way of curing one’s addictions and a lot more.

As sacred plant medicine continues to change lives and be sought by many looking for a deeper meaning and more abundant life (not just those backpackers who found solace in the jungle but also by a fast rising number of soul seekers including well-known celebrities, lawyers, fashion models, bankers and millenniums who now make a dedicated journey to Peru or seek out hushed invite-only ceremonies in big cities such as London, New York and L.A) it is all the more important that such medicine is taken for the right reasons and with proper education and integration mechanisms in place. The plants are referred to as medicine, because they are truly wonderful gifts that have been made available to those who wish to respond to the call of higher consciousness and experience unity with nature.

  • Modern Ancient was a very different experience than my previous ceremonies, mainly because of the thorough preparation and the education about what’s happening to you on all levels. I love the group sharing, care and love they facilitated between us all. My experience with Iboga which was a new medicine for me, was incredible - more like a lifetime of therapy in one night! This also could have been because I ‘navigated’ in the way they advised us and undertook all preparation sent. I took bio-energy sessions for three months for my post integration and I would really recommend that for anyone because it was also like a deeper level of life coaching. I finally have more income and at the same time discovering my purpose in this lifetime with your loving support.
    TL, 35
    Designer - London, UK
  • I am blessed to have been looked after by such beautiful people and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This is a very professional, knowledgeable, compassion and down to earth team, and it was obvious even from the decision following my one on one conversation to do more iboga and less ayahuasca (they explained the chakras to me and because of my energetic body and life issues I have going on) right through to the integration and coaching I had before and after ceremony. The attention to detail, small group and personalization is phenomenal, I felt so supported by everyone. I hope that they will continue with this level of quality as they grow and formalize the center in Peru because they will no doubt be the place of choice for this type of work. Also I had never been so interested in yoga before and now I am hooked on Kundalini and already feeling grounded into my physical body.
    LA, 32
    Accountant - New York, US
  • If you are not sure about Modern Ancient, call them and ask every question under the sun - like I did! and you will feel by speaking to them that they really care about you and what’s going on in your life. I feel a lot more confident in my spiritual path, and it was very refreshing to have this all explained to me in quite simple terms. The pain I had along my left leg and hamstring which came and went over the past few years has since disappeared and hasn’t returned! Also I was able to make the connection with the things I need to change to move forward. I’m happy I took this jump - thank you to Modern Ancient for making this an unforgettable experience.
    JT, 28
    Project Manager - New Jersey, US