Looking for an unforgettable soul evolution opportunity?
Inspired to live authentically?
Ready to move reality beyond daily limitations?

The sacred plant medicine experience is a deeply powerful journey which can provide exponential growth, healing and creative opportunities, particularly when undertaken within controlled environments, supported by the right team and alongside effective holistic integration methods. A fast growing number of soul seekers have already changed their lives and shifted their hearts into a higher state of health and love, so join us on retreat to discover a profound and progressive route to better health and happiness!

Our unique personal growth programs take place in a safe, legal and educational context.

We offer two personal growth and healing retreat types:
Metamorphosis (8 days/ 8 nights)
Divine Spark (17 days/ 17 nights)

We further provide a transformational holistic coaching and psychological support program twice a year, led by our Co-founder Suya Devi, which includes a residential portion delivered onsite at our retreat center.
Executive Summary (9 month program inclusive of 4 days/ 4 nights retreat)

Each retreat program is designed in line with our Trinity Program© and guides you to open your heart and mind, heal trauma, release limiting beliefs and make the shift from a Newtonian (limited) to Quantum (unlimited) physics model of reality.

Our yogic lifestyle practice, in combination with classes and workshops, have been specifically tailored to align with key personal growth and higher consciousness teachings. We use a combination of tried and tested scared visionary healing plants as the powerful catalyst for returning to a state of wellbeing and experiencing a profound connection to all of life and nature.

While there are differences in the schedule and focus of each retreat type, all retreats provide a combination of ancient medicine and modern tools to heal and support you to live your best life.

Example schedules are provided on individual retreat pages. Detailed daily agendas are provided on arrival. Our FAQs can help you to decide which retreat is right for you.

All retreats include:

  • Arrival Pick Up (Airport)& Drop Off (Iquitos city center)
  • Private accommodation in your own room
  • Modern showers and bathroom facilities
  • Sacred healing and visionary plant medicine ceremonies
  • All food and beverages
  • Energy Healing & Personalized Hypnotherapy
  • Weather permitting activities (e.g. guided jungle walk and Amazon boat ride
  • Yoga practice: asana (posture), dhyana (meditation) and pranayama (breath work)
  • All course materials, classes, coaching and post retreat guidance
  • Laundry facilities and on-site security
Our Facilities
Sacred healing and visionary plant medicine ceremonies
Fresh and organic vegan meals and juices
IMG_6159 2
Yoga practice (posture, meditation, breathwork)
Weather permitting activities: guided jungle walk and Amazon boat ride.
Private accommodation in your own room, modern showers and bathroom facilities

And More...

Ayurveda Lifestyle & Nutrition
NLP Life Coaching
Microdosing Program
Library Room
Small Group Sizes
Workshops & Classes
Energy Healing
24 Hour Security & Cameras
1:1 Sessions
Integration from Day 1
Goodie Bag to Support Holistic Health Routines

See our Trinity Program (c) components page for a non-exhaustive list of modalities that we use in our retreat programs.

Exclusions: Airfare and any expense leading up to the first day of the retreat, personal expenses such as Ayahuasca design cloths or spiritual necklaces/items sold at our retreat, follow up healing and counseling after the retreat and the cost of iboga micro-dosing packages available on your last day.

  • Executive Summary

    Your development plan isn’t complete without the science of the soul. Experience the ineffable magic of the heart...
  • Metamorphosis

    Reprogram, rewire and reset with the perfect gift to yourself. Find freedom from repetitive, destructive mental and behavioral patterns, addictions and limitations that prevent you from living your best life.
  • Divine Spark

    Reclaim your heart as you springboard into deeper dimensions of yourself and the universe. Get ready...