As a somewhat timid character with a propensity to avoid conflict, Trish did not challenge her partner’s verbal abuse for many years early on in their relationship. Within the first eighteen months she fell pregnant and no longer sought to argue back, but rather accepted his controlling behavior as a truce for a sometimes peaceful life for their son.

With very few friends of her own and a fragmented family base, Trish did not often share details of her domestic life with anyone. Her privacy allowed her to maintain a facade that all was well, and therefore no one would have suspected the ongoing verbal abuse or the first incident of domestic violence which occurred on their honeymoon. Her husband had flown into one of his usual rages one evening in their hotel room while their three year old son soundly slept next door. However on this occasion he grabbed Trish’s throat and attempted to strangle her while she fought for air. It was over quickly but the shocking and lasting trauma on Trish remained with her through every encounter with her husband. She did not have the strength to leave him, or confront him about his behavior, but silently vowed that she would leave if it happened again. They had wanted another child, however Trish waited for six years after the incident to confirm that it would not happen again and to let her fear of him soften. Their relationship seemingly improved and it was then that Trish decided that it was finally the right time. She could see a happier future and felt closer to him than ever before.

 Ten months after the birth of her daughter, Trish encountered an old high school acquaintance, Jeremy, with whom contact had been lost for many years. Jeremy spoke of his encounters with energy and making changes happen in his life through specific prayers and meditation. Trish was intrigued given her own interest in the subject but had never really delved quite so deeply into any form of practice other than positive affirmations and generally working with the law of attraction, where the latter hadn’t been so successful for her. Jeremy asked Trish if she would like to try it on a particular aspect of her life. Trish thought about what she would really like to be different and came to the conclusion that she would like her husband to completely stop the verbal aggression and abuse - while it was much better than before, it still continued several times a week.

Jeremy taught Trish to simply offer the situation to the Divine and pray for her highest good and the highest good of all involved. He counseled her on not being attached to any specific outcome, but rather to surrender to whatever needed to happen which was in the best interests of all involved in the situation. Trish acknowledged that this was indeed different to her practice of the Law of Attraction where she had been focusing on trying to achieve a specific outcome. Thereafter, every time Trish’s husband flew into a rage, Trish silently prayed. To her surprise, his anger would quickly subside and they started talking more. Jeremy also advised her to silently acknowledge and respect his pain which also seemed to stem the frequency of his outbursts. For a short period of time things seemed to really improve, however Jeremy encouraged Trish to keep going with the practice as a daily routine until a clear resolution presented itself.

After three months, Jeremy received a surprise call from Trish as he was heading into an early morning gym class.. Trish was in an incomprehensible emotional state talking in riddles and letting Jeremy know that she had taken both children to stay with her mother. Unbeknownst to Jeremy at the time, this was the second incident where Trish had been strangled by her husband.

“I never expected that in a million years” Trish later exclaimed. “I truly believed that he had changed, so I even agreed to have another baby. How could this have happened again after over seven years? The power of asking only for the highest good of all must be serious business!”.

Modern Ancient Insight: Trish’s story illustrates that the ability to ask for and completely surrender to your highest good, as well as for the highest good of others whatever the situation may be, can work miracles for bringing about even the most unthinkable changes. Here are some things to keep in mind when you start praying for your highest good:

    • 1. Center yourself in your heart space and offer your prayers from a genuine place of openness as this allows the energy to freely flow to the solution that is indeed of the highest good.
    • 2. Do not be attached to an outcome, however inclined you may be to one or another. The intention is for the highest good of all, and therefore wanting a specific outcome can detract from the prayer. If you are unable to fully surrender, you can offer any desire to divinity by adding ‘only if it is for my highest good’.
    • 3. Be prepared for anything, including situations and events that may spiral out of your control or imagination. As it is with the healing curve and the manifestation current, sometimes things have to get seemingly worse (as in Trish’s case), become they can become better.

Trust that a power greater than yourself is at work and by activating your free will for your highest good, only the best can materialize in ways which may not make sense at first. Even when things seem better or worse, keep going with your practice and maintain faith because only divinity knows the best way to bring about solutions that are right for you!

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