Amy, a British citizen, and her American husband Robert, moved to the U.K with their three year old son after spending several years stateside. Amy had wanted to be closer to her family and her earning potential was higher back home. They assumed that Robert’s residency would be relatively straightforward and that his highly positive attitude and work experience would enable him to successfully rebuild his career in the UK.

Within the first year Amy fell pregnant with their second child, Robert was still awaiting residency with no income and the debt acquired from their transatlantic move had spiraled to what now appeared to be an unmanageable amount on Amy’s salary. The couple lived month to month with Amy returning to work full time to pay the bills within two week of a traumatic birth experience. After two years Robert still had not found sustainable employment. He was miserable and severely suffering from the grey English weather which heavily contrasted his sunny and outdoor lifestyle in L.A. Amy desperately wished for time to spend with her new baby and Robert was growing frustrated with each day as a stay at home father.

Amy was worried about her husband and the state of their marriage so one day around Thanksgiving she agreed that she would be willing to return to the US for the benefit of their family if they could somehow financially make it work, as moving again was costly. She calculated that it would be at least another two years before this could happen, as the debt and ongoing bills were now at an all time high. 

While Robert was not particularly spiritual by any means, he embodied the power of positive thinking and understood the quantum world of vibration and frequency. He’d read many law of attraction books and understatedly maintained an inner faith that would not have been obvious even to his family or closest friends. Knowing that Amy was willing to move again, and that he would not have to live the rest of his days out in grey weather, his lights flickered on. Together they set an ambitious intention to clear debt and save for the move back to the US by the summer of the following year.

Within one month of positively focusing on their intention a few incredible things happened. Robert found a job in the evenings which suited the family schedule as Amy could then take over looking after the children. Robert was further contacted by an old employer in the US that allowed him to work from the UK, and which he could keep when returning Stateside. From one source of income (Amy’s salary) to three sources was an amazing turnaround for the couple!

But that was not all, money was coming to them from various sources and in unimaginable ways. For example, they had previously booked a family vacation which they now did not wish to go on given it would be an extra expense and detract from their intention. However they did not want to cancel the flights because they would lose the money or have to pay extra to make changes. After setting their intention they received notification from the airline that the flight schedule was being changed and therefore they were entitled to opt to receive a full refund!

This pattern of events, along with their hard work, dedication and focus, paid off. The couple moved with their two young children back to the US the following August. It had been less than a year since setting their intention and things worked out in a way that they could not have foreseen.

Have you engaged universal power to manifest a desired outcome? When we set an intention and take actions to achieve our wish while remaining open, we allow the universe to speak to us in miraculous ways, and bring about all that is for our highest good - including incredible changes that we have not specifically asked for or anticipated!

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