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Iboga Shaman

Leo emanates a gentle and healing presence, enveloping all who encounter him with an abundance of love and luminosity. As an initiated Iboga Shaman and a certified Kambo practitioner, Leo draws upon the traditional methods of Iboga to facilitate profound healing in his ceremonies. Guided by the wisdom of the Bwiti Goddess, Leo has garnered an impressive roster of satisfied clients, attesting to the efficacy of his holistic approach.


For the past 25 years, Leo has dedicated himself to the art of healing, embracing the wisdom of ancient traditions and indigenous tribes from around the world. His upbringing in the Afro-Cuban tradition nurtured his innate connection to the spiritual realm. Leo fondly recalls his father's "dead's room" in the backyard, where he learned the sacred practices of contacting ancestors for guidance and healing.


As Leo embarked on his journey into adulthood, he delved deeper into the Afro-Cuban spiritual tradition and embarked on a transformative sojourn to Africa. Immersed in the rich tapestry of African culture, he spent years honing his knowledge and exploring the wonders of Iboga. The African tribes initiated Leo as a priest, bestowing upon him the profound teachings of Iboga's ancestral communication and healing gifts.

Leo Nganga Moubengo Iboga Shaman Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Leo's innate affinity for this sacred plant propelled his swift progression on the shamanic path. The final initiation came from the revered "Punu" tribe in Gabon, Africa. In his pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, Leo finds solace and inspiration in nature's embrace. Aptly nicknamed "Jungle Leo," he cherishes his time spent amidst the lush beauty of the jungle. It was within this enchanted realm that Leo encountered the extraordinary power of Iboga, describing it as the most remarkable catalyst for spiritual growth he has ever encountered. Leo's expansive knowledge encompasses a wide array of plants from various corners of the globe, drawing parallels between the flora of Peru and Africa, identifying shared or similar botanical wonders.

Leo Nganga Moubengo Iboga Shaman Shaman at Modern Ancient Sanctuary

Leo considers Iboga to be a unifying force, bringing families, communities, and tribes together. In the sacred temples of Africa, Iboga serves as a guide, propelling individuals toward their highest spiritual potential in this lifetime.


Leo explains that Iboga is a shrub plant, adorned with delicate white flowers and small pods of seeds. Thriving in the Congo region of central Africa, he relates that Iboga's ancient practices were passed down to the Babongo pygmies, residing deep within Gabon's central jungle. He believes that Iboga's primary purpose lies in facilitating ancestral communication, allowing individuals to forge a profound connection with the divine force of creation known as ‘NZAMBE’.

In his ceremonies, including those at the Modern Ancient Sanctuary, Leo utilizes Iboga in its natural and unadulterated form. He abstains from employing Ibogaine, a processed substance to isolate a single alkaloid, because he believes this compromises the spiritual essence of the plant.

Leo extends his healing offerings through two distinct types of Iboga ceremonies. The first caters to those seeking healing and cleansing, while the second initiates individuals who are ready to embark on their Iboga journey. For those initiated, Leo imparts his wisdom and trains them in spiritual Iboga practices, should they be willing and receptive. Furthermore, Leo shares his expertise in Kambo, teaching others the art of administering this sacred medicine.


In Leo's presence, the healing currents of Iboga flow effortlessly, igniting profound transformations within those who seek his guidance. His unwavering commitment to spiritual growth and the restoration of harmony within mankind provides a safe and loving container for all those who seek healing with Iboga.

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