At Modern Ancient your integration process does not start
after you leave Peru, it begins before you arrive on retreat.

Preparation is the best integration. Being fully prepared, while striking a balance with remaining open to what may or may not transpire for you, can support your experience on retreat and after retreat.  Traditionally integration is defined as what happens after a ceremony, and while this is true, it is equally important to begin preparing your mind and body beforehand.

The journey with sacred visionary healing plants is non-linear, and therefore there is really nothing that can fully prepare you for such experience. However, starting an introspective journey beforehand using a variety of tools and methods can support you to open up to a new understanding of yourself, the process involved in such a journey, the nature of reality and the idea of a co-created consciousness.

In this way, your integration process has already started.

Our team members have personally encountered the highs and lows experienced post ceremony and therefore understand all too well the challenges inherent in reabsorbing yourself into the same environment which perhaps brought you to Peru in the first place.

We know first hand what it’s like to adjust to a new mindset (and heartset), work through the changes that arise and balance the past (therapy) with moving forward (coaching).

We’ve spent many years researching, experiencing and experimenting with personal growth tools and modalities, reading all kinds of books, attending useful courses, life coaching programs, and undertaken many adventures to soothe the soul, re-connect with love and raise our life state. It’s why we’ve developed a retreat framework which provides preparation support, practical on retreat teachings in our Trinity Program and take away support including understanding the different types of integration and how a holistic lifestyle can be achieved.

Your integration process makes all the difference between a one-off experience and implementation of sustainable change.