“I’m sure if I book early enough I’ll find cheaper flights”, Julian told his friend, referring to his planned visit to see his grandmother. He’d promised her that he would not leave it another year, but he’d been so caught up in work deliverables and what seemed like one thing after the other that it was suddenly closer to year-end and he still hadn’t booked a return flight from the U.K. to Charlotte, NC.

It was August when he told his grandmother that he would definitely visit in February to keep his original promise. He was a seasoned traveler, and while last minute bookings had allowed him to find cheaper options in the past for other travel, he knew well the flight schedule between these two destinations and that it was best to book much in advance for this particular route. Thinking six months would provide cheaper options, he was surprised that a direct return flight was coming in at no less than $1200 for every search option. After waiting a month, it still hadn’t changed so Julian decided on a compromise which he usually wouldn’t have considered. He was currently saving for a house deposit and working hard to pay down his debts so he’d started seriously budgeting, including opting for inconvenient stopovers despite his precious and limited vacation days available. Previously Julian had been content to pay a higher flight price to get him to his destinations and back quicker, so he wouldn’t have to take additional days off work, however on this occasion he determined that cost was more important to him given that he hadn’t used much of his vacation days anyway.

It was now October, and with February still planned as the target month, Julian could not find any significantly lower flight prices even with a reasonable stopover. Ideally, he was looking for a flight pattern under $700 with a direct leg on the return given he’d planned to go straight into work that morning. All options were still priced over his budget, and with November approaching, Julian began to slightly panic. He considered just booking a direct flight and forking out the $1200 incase prices started to rise. However, when he went to book the airline would not accept his credit card - something that had happened thrice before on other bookings over the past eighteen months, and coincidentally all three occasions somehow ended up as cancelled bookings after he used an alternative card. As this was not at the forefront of his memory, he tried a few times to rebook however his card continued to be rejected. Knowing there was nothing wrong with his card, and calling his bank once more to verify, Julian decided he would book later with another card anyway. Following an unanticipated work deadline, Julian forgot to book the flight that week.

In early November Julian re-added the flight booking to his weekly Sunday to-do list with a vengeance - he was going to see his grandmother in February and determined he would find something else to cut back on to meet his monthly savings target. However, that Tuesday night he experienced an intense dream state in which he saw a computer screen and a return flight booking that was only $400. Along with the vision he heard, through a deep feeling, a clear message that he needed to wait until just a few weeks before his planned departure date.

Julian pondered the dream over the next few days. The clarity and vision had been outstanding, and while he had experienced various dream states before he knew that this one was definitely of a different nature. As he usually liked to have everything planned out ahead of time, he challenged himself to now wait a few weeks before his intended date as instructed in his dream. A good opportunity to practice letting go, he mused as his all-about-quantum-physics friend advised him that this was certainly a sign from the Universe.

In mid January, and in an unprecedented state of surrender where he hadn’t looked for flights since his dream in November, Julian was home one rainy Saturday evening on the phone to a friend discussing football results when a strong instructive thought randomly popped up: check flights now. Bothered by the urgency with which the thought had entered his mind, he abruptly ended the conversation with the excuse of needing the bathroom and proceeded to his laptop. He ran his same search criteria on Skyscanner, which provided a multitude of options by different airlines, and filtered by highest to lowest.

The third option, out of place for the filtered result and priced at $417, was a very tight stopover in Miami with a direct flight to London for the return leg. Julian’s heart began beating faster, firstly at the incredibly low price for this flight schedule on his chosen day and secondly that no matter how many times he ran the same search the option it only showed as the third result in between much higher priced options instead of much further below. The $417 option was placed between two direct flights of around $1200 and $1220.

Not believing what he was seeing, as he hadn’t seen a low price for this schedule for the almost fifteen years that he’d been traveling this route, he grabbed his credit card and made the booking. This time his card went through without an error message and the booking email with confirmation from the airlines arrived in just a few hours. Not only was Julian ecstatic, but he was overwhelmed that he had been guided by a message in his dream and furthermore with a completely random instruction of when to look for the flight.

The next day Julian texted his friend to relay that he had found an incredible deal just five weeks before he had planned to fly. His friend, hoping to book the same flight pattern for a family relative who had been meaning to visit her daughter in Charlotte, NC, searched for the same flight. However, he was not able to find it - the same flight pattern was priced at $877. Julian insisted that it was $417 and sent him the screenshots of his flights, but his friend could not locate them. Frustrated that his friend wasn’t finding them, or even worse that his friend didn’t believe him anymore, Julian went online to find the flights by entering his specific search criteria. To his surprise, his friend was correct: the exact flight option was now priced at $877!

Julian continued to thank his wonderful stars even when on the plane, and exclaimed,“I believe that price was created just for me; my soul needed to do this trip and somehow magic found my heart and made it spectacularly happen. It’s quite mind blowing how all this came about - and not just on this occasion but even before when my perfectly working credit card has been declined, because I wasn’t supposed to go or book at that time - those trips ended up getting cancelled for various reasons. It now seems clear to me that these were some sort of signs. I’ve continued to test the waters with this stuff for a while now but there really comes a point when believing becomes seeing. I’ll definitely be paying more attention to my dream states and signs whether that’s through credit card declines or whatever other way my messages choose to show up”.

Have you had a dream which relayed a clear message or guidance? Maybe you’ve listened to it and it turned out to be a fantastic result for you? Perhaps you’ve had a few but haven’t really paid any attention or given it serious thought? Acknowledging and staying with the feeling or message provided instead of dismissing it as just a dream is key to allowing the universe to work through you- and of course the magic always happens right when we let go and surrender!

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