The thought of being on a cruise ship again almost brought on the sea sickness that Sara had regularly experienced during family vacations. It had been over twenty years since she had been on a cruise, however she was very much tempted by her friend’s two-week employee discount package and the opportunity to visit a few Caribbean islands.

Her strong desire for travel and a much-needed break from work eventually won her over, however she remained deeply concerned about taking the antiemetic medication that her parents had given her as a child. She had been medication free for the past six years of her life, opting for holistic remedies and choosing to support her health with an organic lifestyle. Sara’s aversion to pharmaceutical drugs stemmed from her strong belief in a universal life force known as ‘prana’ in Sanskrit or ‘chi’ in Chinese. She avoided western medication for the basic cold or flu, and preferred to use preventative holistic methods such as using apple cider vinegar to restore a good PH balance in her body.

“But you must take it with you”, her concerned mother insisted, upon hearing of Sara’s plans to be at sea for a longer period than she had taken her family on, primarily because of Sara’s sickness which had always been severe with dizziness, cold sweats, nausea,, headaches and vomiting. However, Sara was sure she could find a holistic remedy and began searching on the internet for a natural remedy to combat the potential, and very probable, scenario of sea sickness. She made a list of items including buying an acupressure wristband to avoid the nausea.

A week before her departure, she attended a session with her energy healer. She wasn’t working on any physical ailments, however the sessions provided her with intuitive insights and emotional direction which supported her through the breakdown of a recent relationship. After the session her practitioner noted, “you seem to have been making a lot of progress but now there is just an excess of energy in your lower abdomen”. Sara asked what this meant and her healer quickly explained that the second energy center in the subtle body, known as the Sacral chakra, represented movement and connection, was governed by the element of water and was responsible for one’s emotional nature. Then she asked Sara, ‘is there a current situation that is making you very emotional or feel unstable like very big waves washing over you?” Sara shook her head at first, and then on her way out she suddenly remembered her upcoming trip and concern about her sickness. Her healer clicked her fingers and exclaimed, “well then this makes sense! An excess of water imbalances your already excessive sacral chakra and therefore you must bring in Earth energy to ground yourself when you feel the sickness coming on”.

It made sense to Sara and away she went a week later on her trip. On the first night she woke up at 2:30am with the sickness starting in her stomach, flashbacks of her debilitated state as she crawled screaming to her parents’ cabin and her mother’s warning ringing through her ears. As the ship was engulfed by rough sea, Sara began to feel lightheaded as she leant over the toilet. Her acupressure wristband didn’t seem to be helping, nor was the ginger and herbal remedies she had taken earlier.

After retching for ten minutes Sara suddenly remembered the advice of her energy healer. But how do I bring in Earth energy? She panicked. There was no Earth for her to put her feet in- they were at sea! She looked around her room for flowers or something which may contain Earth energy - but could find no such object. Crawling into her bed, she began to meditate and regulate her breath in an attempt to control the nausea and vomiting which she knew would predictably be on its way. Suddenly an image of a tree appeared when she closed her eyes- it was the same tree she had passed earlier in the day on the island. It was distinguished due to its deep roots and overbearing shade which she had stopped to admire and lean against for a few moments while drinking her bottle of water. Feeling crazy, but desperate, Sara called upon the tree to send her Earth energy. She laid the palms of her hands face up, as a gesture to receive grounding and stability. After a few minutes she noticed that the pit in her stomach had disappeared and she no longer felt nauseous. Shocked, she sat in silence for a few moments, however the sickness began to return so Sara began the meditation again. She continued this for another forty minutes and eventually was able to sleep peacefully for the remainder of the night despite the ongoing rough sea. The next night the sea was even more wicked than before, and sickness returned but not as severely. Again, Sara did her meditation and this time she was able to sleep after only twenty minutes.

On the third night, and for the remainder of the trip, Sara did not experience any sea sickness for the first time in her life of being at sea. She called her mother and explained what happened, “I think I was able to channel Earth energy from this tree - even though I wasn’t physically near the tree I could receive its energy and it helped me to balance the excess water energy of being at sea. In fact, I think this is what the problem was before - I have too much water energy in my system generally and being at sea destabilizes me physically unless I find a way to ground myself”. Sara’s mother wasn’t so convinced, but Sara says, “I’ve had this issue my whole life, and nothing has worked for me except this - and it makes so much sense that I think anyone who suffers from motion sickness should try it and see for themselves!”

Have you had an experience where you’ve called upon the energy of the Earth to support you to feel grounded in the moment? Maybe you have a favorite tree or keep plants around you that brings in Earth energy? Or perhaps you’ve just used a visualization of a red cord to bring in the Earth to renew, heal or revitalize you during a challenging mental, emotional or physical experience? Whichever it is, know that the Earth is available to support you anytime you need to call upon her for nourishment and healing!

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