Menstruation had been a painful affair for as long as thirty-five year old Anjali could remember. It was also unpleasant for her husband, Jake, who at first tiptoed around her as she curled into a ball and dramatically screamed for what felt like an eternity to him. He had never quite seen anything like it, and for the first year of their relationship he gripped his cell phone debating whether to call 911.

Anjali had been diagnosed with endometriosis since her teens, a disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterine cavity. At the age of thirty she underwent a surgical procedure which resulted in her conceiving her first child. Anjali had hoped to have two pregnancies in quick succession, but after two years of trying she began to quite seriously panic that she was infertile. Her painful menstruation had returned and after several more visits to the doctor she began to consider undergoing a second surgery. She had read extensively on how to organically address obstacles to naturally conceiving, including practicing deeply letting go and enjoying intimacy with her husband without the goal of pregnancy. However, after four years of stress, counseling and consultations with various specialists she determined that she had no choice but to plan for a second surgery.

 With her date for surgery booked six months in advance, Anjali remained nervous and highly stressed thinking about whether the surgery would be effective again in activating her fertility. She knew her emotional state was not a recipe for natural conception, however the ‘what if’ it didn’t work would not leave her. To distract herself, she began to purposefully pursue some of her side interests such as photography and studies of Astrology alongside her full time career as a self-employed accountant. To begin testing her knowledge of astrology she created a Facebook post in an astrology group offering free readings to the first ten people who replied.

Fiona was the first to respond. In fact, Fiona had just pulled up her browser to search for an astrologer on Google when she saw the notification about Anjali’s post pop up in the same group where she was also a member. As it turned out, Fiona did not live too far from Anjali and offered to drive over in person for her reading. At the end of her session, and completely stunned at the information that had transpired, Fiona offered to pay Anjali as a token of goodwill and to honor Anjali’s talent. As Anjali would not accept this, Fiona asked her if she would like to receive a ‘healing session’ instead. Fiona was a bio-energy practitioner, a healing art therapy which provides a deep cleansing and renewal of the key energy centers within the subtle body and one’s aura i.e. the human bioenergy field.

Anjali was aware of energy healing but had never experienced a session herself. She was shocked, in quite the same way Fiona had been at Anjali’s knowledge of her life, of what Fiona was able to determine so quickly. Without any knowledge of Anjali’s personal life Fiona relayed first that there were strong blockages in Anjali’s sacral chakra energy center and explained that this was, amongst other things, related to menstruation and fertility issues. Anjali questioned whether Fiona was really a psychic, but Fiona laughed at the suggestion and went on to explain the concept of bio energy where blockages can appear in one’s energy field before they manifest as physical, mental or emotional issues. She further explained to Fiona that repressed emotional trauma was usually the biggest culprit in resulting physical ailments.

Two weeks later Anjali, not feeling herself, intuitively decided to take a pregnancy test unbeknownst to her husband, family or friends. She clearly tested positive but simultaneously experienced confusion along with her elation. How could this have suddenly happened after four years? she mused. With her full-time career and motherhood, there were only very specific times in the past few weeks she had made sexual contact with her husband given their busy and exhausting schedules. Because of her upcoming surgery date she had not made a habit of tracking her ovulation dates anymore. Anjali retraced these seldom sexual encounters and pulled up her calendar to work out her conception date - and there it was: the astrology session with Fiona and her first bio energy healing experience on the same night as Anjali’s conceivable sexual encounter!

Fascinated, overwhelmed and utterly convinced that bio-energy unplugged some blockages to make conception possible for her, Anjali went on to research alternative healing methods for infertility. She has since come into contact with a plethora of stories and some reading material where seemingly infertile women have been able to conceive using non-western or medical healing methods. Further, based on bio-energy and ayurvedic principles, she traced back her emotional history and life events and was profoundly touched to realize that she the first day she started her period was the day her father walked out on her mother and his family, leaving Anjali behind as the eldest child to pick up where he had left off.

Anjali says, ‘I now understand how this is all related to my painful periods as it was from that very day I carried such emotional and other burdens. Not only was I able to finally conceive my second child but bio-energy healing has opened my eyes and heart to how our bodies and lives are so affected by unresolved emotional trauma. Coincidently, the date of my first period and my father’s departure also happens to be the wedding anniversary of my parents in law!

Have you been trying to resolve a health issue? Maybe you’ve tried an endless list of prescriptions and medications provided by your doctor? Have you been in and out of specialists’ offices but your consultations provide little insight or, even worse, conflicting information? Understanding that treatment of symptoms do not address the root cause can assist your exploration of alternative health modalities and Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition, where the latter treats an individual as a whole rather than simply a patient. Know that emotional trauma is underrated and overlooked in even the most serious cases of dis-ease.

Modern Ancient Insight: Anjali’s case helps us understand that there are more than just physical factors at play in the human body. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when viewing health issues from a metaphysical standpoint:

    • 1. A person’s aura i.e. human bioenergy field, has long been proven by scientists and emanates from eastern philosophies such as India where energy is referred to as prana or chi in China. The more open you can remain to this concept the more likely you are to benefit from energy healing work.
    • 2. If the energy in your bioenergetic field is not flowing freely it is because it is restricted by ‘blockages'. As emotion is energy in motion, when you block your emotions and feelings you are blocking your energy and therefore allowing physical, emotional or mental issues to manifest.
    • 3. As part of a holistic remedy, consider what emotions or life events transpired around the time you first experienced your health issue. This will provide the biggest clue as to what remains to be resolved in your bioenergetic field, not just for the resolution of a physical issue but also as part of a wider healing journey.

Bio-energy healing is available to all who feel the call. Practitioners are not magicians, and in most cases bio-energy is not an overnight cure - though miracles do often happen! It takes time to unblock and release energy that has saturated over years, or a lifetime, and resulted in a stubborn dis-ease. However, everyone is different and energy works in layers so don’t be discouraged if it takes some time or be surprised if you heal something else altogether first! The key is to remain open as your beliefs are the first gateway to changing your earthly reality!

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