Today's scientific research is finally proving what ancient civilizations have known for centuries:
heart based living is the key to lasting health and happiness.

Did you know that the magnetic field of the heart has been measured by scientists to be about the size of a small car? When we cultivate positive emotions it continues to grow and connect with a larger consciousness, or quantum field. However, it’s not always possible to instantly and fully experience the magic that transpires when we allow the heart to lead. This is because our conditioned minds often wreak havoc on our lives and, along with traumatic experiences, drive us into unhealthy mental states, belief systems and behavioral patterns.

So our purpose at Modern Ancient is to support you to overcome these limitations and fully experience the journey of the heart. It is from this space that we support you to discover self empowerment by aligning the spheres of the mind, body and spirit so you can live your best life.

To deliver on our mission we developed the Trinity Program© to engage a true holistic health experience. The program uniquely comprises high quality educational classes, workshops, yogic lifestyle, life coaching and sacred plant medicine ceremonies within a single retreat.

We provide those that are new to sacred plant medicine and healing work with all the basic information and tools, and repeat plant medicine takers with a deeper knowledge and experience, to drive authentic living, enable balance within the subtle (energetic) body and manifest the best for their life.

Trinity Program © Summary

holistic cleaning Trinity Program
  • Tailored yogic practice schedules consisting of holistic cleansing routines, asana (posture), pranayama (breathwork) and dhyana (meditation) to absorb mind, body and spirit.
  • Dynamic teachings from well-established material to modern healing modalities and quantum physics, that are practical and accessible, to fully understand holistic living.
  • Targeted workshops to reshape mental, emotional and physical muscle memory for a practical experience.
  • Powerful sacred plant medicine to reconnect to the magic of the heart, bring controlling unconscious thoughts, beliefs and experiences into a conscious state and fully connect with your own healing intelligence.

At Modern Ancient, we live, breathe and love championing individuals to feel healthy and achieve their highest ideal.

Our specially designed retreats are built on combing years of experience and training in various modalities and practices in the east and west to create a unique opportunity for healthy and expansive living.

A retreat at Modern Ancient is truly a gift to yourself!



We are passionate about our responsibility of empowering you, therefore it is important that we educate and equip you with all the information necessary about the profound process that you will experience. This includes ongoing support and guidance while you are on retreat as well as receiving the tools and information needed for when you leave the retreat. Our education and workshops ensure that you start your integration process from your very first day with us.

We work with you to breakdown your process from a spiritual, mental and emotional perspective, providing counsel and offering tailor made approaches where needed.

We support you to achieve your intention and more, whether it is curing a health condition, releasing emotional baggage, changing career paths, healing your relationships and so forth; all the while providing practical take away tools to assist you in appreciating and navigating your journey. This is why we created the Trinity Program© to be inclusive of educational material, interactive workshops and sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

When you book a retreat at Modern Ancient you are not just signing up for a healing program to remove the conditions which prevent you from leading a happier life, but importantly you are undertaking a powerful step to determine precisely what type of life you want to live and how, creating and becoming familiar with your vision of life, identifying and aligning with your dharma (life purpose) and becoming the co-creator of your destiny.

Our classes are direct, informative and most importantly – practical. Most of what is taught on the program is not new. Many things have been said for centuries and in this age. Some of the meditations and practices we teach were commonplace in ancient cultures.

The Shipibo and indigenous shamans as well as the assistant healers who work with us incorporate a mix of both the ancient traditions and rediscovered modern alignment and healing methods. In our experience, educational support and practical workshops in conjunction with sacred plant medicine is a very effective and powerful way to bring about integration and sustainable change.

Modern Ancient combines a variety of effective holistic transformation methods from years of experience and sacred plant medicine.  We provide you with a non-linear experience that makes embracing inner enrichment all the more fun! Most of all, we are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share this work, and continue to be inspired and dedicated by the profound healing and life changes that we have witnessed in our students.

  • Modern Ancient was a very different experience than my previous ceremonies, mainly because of the thorough preparation and the education about what’s happening to you on all levels. I love the group sharing, care and love they facilitated between us all. My experience with Iboga which was a new medicine for me, was incredible - more like a lifetime of therapy in one night! This also could have been because I ‘navigated’ in the way they advised us and undertook all preparation sent. I took bio-energy sessions for three months for my post integration and I would really recommend that for anyone because it was also like a deeper level of life coaching. I finally have more income and at the same time discovering my purpose in this lifetime with your loving support.
    TL, 35
    Designer - London, UK
  • I am blessed to have been looked after by such beautiful people and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This is a very professional, knowledgeable, compassion and down to earth team, and it was obvious even from the decision following my one on one conversation to do more iboga and less ayahuasca (they explained the chakras to me and because of my energetic body and life issues I have going on) right through to the integration and coaching I had before and after ceremony. The attention to detail, small group and personalization is phenomenal, I felt so supported by everyone. I hope that they will continue with this level of quality as they grow and formalize the center in Peru because they will no doubt be the place of choice for this type of work. Also I had never been so interested in yoga before and now I am hooked on Kundalini and already feeling grounded into my physical body.
    LA, 32
    Accountant - New York, US
  • If you are not sure about Modern Ancient, call them and ask every question under the sun - like I did! and you will feel by speaking to them that they really care about you and what’s going on in your life. I feel a lot more confident in my spiritual path, and it was very refreshing to have this all explained to me in quite simple terms. The pain I had along my left leg and hamstring which came and went over the past few years has since disappeared and hasn’t returned! Also I was able to make the connection with the things I need to change to move forward. I’m happy I took this jump - thank you to Modern Ancient for making this an unforgettable experience.
    JT, 28
    Project Manager - New Jersey, US